Pure Strength

This 45-minute class targets and tones all the major muscles in the body for continuous calorie burning--even long after the class has ended. A "light weights, high reps, short recoveries" formula will build tension quickly and put a high demand on the muscles; this increased level of intensity will create a metabolic effect for even more noticeable results. Come get an effective workout through a non-stop progression of movement motivated by eclectic, energetic music!  Footwear that is appropriate for movement is required for this class.  Capacity: 16

Late entry will only be permitted within 20 minutes of the class start time.


Group Fitness Announcements

National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day: February 22, 2018

  •      Free access to fitness classes and fitness centers (with CU ID card)
  •      UrbanKick & H.I.I.T. Super Class @ 6:30pm @ Noyes
  •      More free events

Spinning® Instructor Certification - February 24, 2018; 9am-6pm in Helen Newman Dance Studio.  Register here.

7:00am Hydro Training will resume on Wednesday, April 11


For questions about Group Fitness Class schedules or special events, please contact:
Emily Ellison
(607) 254-6717