T'ai Chi

T’ai chi ch’uan comes to us from generations of Chinese practitioners, who developed and fine-tuned this defensive martial art and passed it down through the centuries from dynamic masters to dedicated students. Through careful attention to detail, the slow-motion t’ai chi form will promote proper alignment, balance, natural strength, relaxed mental focus, fluid coordination, and flexibility. Correctly executed, the interconnected movements unite the action of the body with the rhythm of the breath. With long term study, tai’chi provides a mirror-like opportunity for deep self awareness and ongoing health benefits for overall well-being. Regular classes are open to everyone. Classes at HNH concentrate on practice of the entire Yang Long Form as taught by Yang Cheng-Fu. Various alignment, balance, and stretching warm-ups and basic qigong help establish a firm root and a foundation for harmonious energy flow. Students receive personalized instruction during classes as time permits. Capacity: 30

Group Fitness Announcements

Due to floor refinishing the the Noyes Multipurpose Room July 27-31, 2017, the following schedule changes have been made:

July 27, 2017: 4:45pm Spinning has been cancelled.  6pm Cardio Dance and Sculpt will be held on the Noyes Indoor Basketball Court.

July 31, 2017: 4:45pm TRX Circuit has been moved to the Helen Newman Hall Classroom.  6pm ZUMBA will be held on the Noyes Indoor Basketball Court.  7:15pm Barre has been moved to the Helen Newman Hall Dance Studio.

There are no Group Fitness classes Saturday, August 12 through Sunday, August 20, 2017.



For questions about Group Fitness Class schedules or special events, please contact:
Emily Ellison
(607) 254-6717