Yoga - Gentle Vinyasa

This Gentle Vinyasa Yoga class focuses on using the breath as a guide to flow slowly from one posture to the next resulting in cardiovascular development and the cultivation of equanimity, flexibility, and strength. This moderately paced class creates a balance between learning several postures in more detail, and moving fluidly, yet gently, from one pose to another.  Students of all levels are encouraged to attend and to challenge themselves at their own pace. Capacity depends on the location. Teagle Multipurpose Room: 50, Noyes Multipurpose Room: 38, Helen Newman Hall Classroom: 30.

Late entry will only be permitted within 20 minutes of the class start time.

Group Fitness Announcements

Thanksgiving Break: 

No Group Fitness classes after 1:15pm on Wednesday, November 22 through Sunday, November 26, 2017.  The regular fitness class schedule will resume on Monday, November 27, 2017

Spinning® Instructor Certification - February 24, 2018; 9am-6pm in Helen Newman Dance Studio.  Register here.


For questions about Group Fitness Class schedules or special events, please contact:
Emily Ellison
(607) 254-6717