One of the most difficult tasks in any intramural program is the recruitment and training of student officials—the backbone of our program. The primary prerequisites for all officials are dependability, self-confidence, a willingness to learn and study the rules, and the ability to communicate tactfully with participants.

These officials assume an immense task and are there to help produce healthy, fun, and safe playing environments. In an attempt to continually upgrade the quality of the officials, mandatory training clinics are required for each sport. Contact us at (607) 255-8063 if you are interested!

Join Our Team!

  • Interested parties must attend one of these two meetings in RPC Auditorium:
    • Wednesday, August 24 at 6:00 PM - RPCC Auditorium
    • Thursday, August 25 at 6:00 PM - RPCC 203 (Wendy Purcell Lounge)
  • Applicants must provide original documents for Federal I-9 verification to include: Government issued photo ID and Social Security card or birth certificate; or current passport.
  • Complete the Intramural Official Application so we can contact you with the most updated information.
  • Participate in the mandatory training clinics to learn about the sport rules, mechanics, and work a few scrimmages. 

2016-2017 Mandatory Training Clinics

SportClassroom TrainingMechanics Training
SoccerMon & Tue, Aug 29 & 30, 7:00pm - RPCC AuditoriumWed & Thu, Aug 31 & Sep 1, 7:00pm - Jessup Fields
Flag FootballMon & Tue, Aug 29 & 30, 8:30pm - RPCC AuditoriumWed & Thu, Aug 31 & Sep 1, 8:30pm - Jessup Fields
BasketballMon & Tue, Nov 28 & Nov 29, 8:00pm - Noyes Community Rec CenterWed & Thu, Nov 30 & Dec 1, 8:00pm - Noyes Community Rec Center
VolleyballMon & Tue, Mar 20 & 21, 7:00pm - Barton Hall - This is a combined training of rules and mechanics.
SoftballMon & Tue, Mar 27 & 28, 8:00pm - Noyes Community Rec CenterWed & Thu, Mar 29 & 30, 7:00pm - Jessup Field


Current officials:  Download your SIT Application Form here.

Benefits of Officiating

  • Flexible hours
  • Competitive pay (starting at $10.00/hour)
  • No experience necessary
  • Paid training is provided
  • Fun work environment
  • Gym membership discounts available if you work both semesters