Noyes Membership

Noyes is open to all students, faculty and staff. You MUST have a current Cornell ID card to use the game area, locker rooms, basketball court and to attend many special events. Cornell ID Card Policy

To use the Fitness Center or attend any group fitness classes, you must have a Cornell Fitness Center (CFC) Membership.

With a valid Cornell ID, you can purchase a day pass to use the Fitness Center, or attend any group fitness classes for $10.00 from the service desk. Noyes facility day passes can only be charged to your Bursar bill. All other passes (including guest passes) must be purchased in Helen Newman or Teagle.


Spring 2018 Hours* (beginning 1/24/18)

Monday-Friday 7am - 1am
Saturday & Sunday 11am - 1am

*Break hours vary and are posted in the facility

February Break  
Feb 16 7am - 10pm
Feb 17 & 18 12pm - 5pm
Feb 19 8am - 9pm
Feb 20 8am - 1am


Badminton has gym priority Saturdays, 11:00am to 2:00pm.

Volleyball has gym priority Sundays, 11:00am to 2:00pm.

Noyes Updates

INTRAMURAL SPORT INDOOR SOCCER LEAGUE:  Intramural Indoor Soccer leagues will begin Sunday, February 11.  This will occupy the gym from 5:30pm until midnight.  The gym will be closed for this usage until May 6.

CLEAN SHOE POLICY:  Our clean shoe policy is currently in effect.  All patrons wishing to use the gym must bring a clean pair of shoes SEPARATE FROM THE ONES THEY ARE CURRENTLY WEARING to gain admittance.  Shoes must be presented to the service desk prior to admittance.  This is for the safety of our patrons.  This policy will continue until April 9th, 2018.