Meditation - From Stress To Creativity

  • This offering is currently full. Please email Kerry to be placed on a wait list.
  • September 22, 12:00-1:00 PM, G01 Biotech

Join David Gandelman, meditation expert, to be guided from stress to creativity. We only have so much energy, and stress tends to eat away at our core reserves, leaving us feeling like we don’t have enough juice to create. Our thoughts become uninspiring and negative in tone, and it’s easy to end up in apathy. In an attempt to get everything done we feel like we are getting nothing done. With a healthy meditation practice, we can begin to reverse the flow of mental attention from being stuck in a frozen stress iceberg into a fluid river of creativity. During this workshop we'll explore how stress drains our energy and how to unplug from the mental space of society. We'll meditate out of stress and into creativity. Questions? contact Kerry Howell.