Fitness Monitor

Student Athletic Serv Asst II (Student Positions)

Temporary Fitness Monitor (Non-Student Positions)

Employer:  Recreational Services

Employer Address: 163 Cradit Farm Drive, Ithaca, NY 14853

Employing Department:  Cornell Fitness Centers

Physical Work Location(s): Helen Newman Hall, Teagle Hall (2 facilities), Appel Commons, Noyes Community Recreation Center

Supervisor: Ian Gannon and Matt Hayes

Dates of Employment:  August through May.  Employment June and July is optional and available

Rate of Pay:  $11.90/hour.  Free membership to Cornell Fitness Centers.  Employees are reviewed using the CFC 5 Star Program and top performers advance when requirements are completed

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Purpose or Role of the Position Within the Organization

Fitness Monitors staff the Cornell Fitness Centers facilities during operating hours.  While on shift, Fitness Monitors ensure the enviroment is safe for participations, provide customer service duties, and enforce Cornell Fitness Centers policies.

    Duties/Responsibilities of the Position:

    • Ensure the environment is safe for participants by circulating and proactively monitoring for safety concerns.
    • Be attentive to assisting participants.
    • Maintain a positive and helpful attitude.
    • Understand, and enforce all CFC policies and procedures in a firm, fair, and consistent manner.
    • Demonstrate customer service skills by being enthusiastic, personable, and comfortable engaging with participants.
    • Demonstrate willingness to learn.
    • Anticipate schedule demands and manage time effectively.
    • Attend mandatory and optional staff training classes.
    • Feel comfortable using and demonstrating all the equipment.
    • Answer questions and be able to direct comments and questions to the right people.
    • Clean the fitness center and equipment.
    • Be a responder in the event of an emergency.
    • Be familiar with CFC emergency procedures and be confident in their implementation.
    • Other duties as assigned.
    • Have Fun!

    Required Qualifications/Skills/Experience

    • Student Fitness Monitors must work a minimum of 6 hours and up to a maximum of 19 hours per week during the entire academic year. They can be scheduled at any of our sites: Helen Newman (Fitness Center and Issue Room), Teagle (2 facilities), Appel Commons, Noyes.
    • New hires must be able to present a valid photo ID and proof of citizenship (social security card, birth certificate or Passport)/F-1 visa within 14 days of hire.
    • New employees will be required to obtain current CPR, AED, and First Aid certification from the American Red Cross.  Certifications must be obtained prior to working scheduled shifts and within the first month of employment.
    • Attend all 5 required training classes during the two semesters of employment.
    • Presentable appearance including staff shirt and nametag for all shifts.
    • An active e-mail account is also necessary to check staff notices.

    Questions? Please contact