CFC to Go: Fitness Anywhere You Are

Recognizing that you may not be able to come to us, we are providing a variety of resources that can be used as workout options or simply ideas that may work for you in your personal living space or safe outdoor environment.

Join a group exercise experience

A CFC Membership (students) or Wellness Recreation Membership (faculty/staff/spouses/partners) is required to take CFC Virtual Group Fitness Classes through August 9, 2021.  To join a LIVE class, you can get started at this link:  Group Fitness - Virtual Classes

Additionally, Pre-Recorded classes are available and can be found at this link:  Group Fitness - Pre-Recorded Classes

In-Person and Virtual Private Group Fitness class requests will be accepted beginning in Spring 2022.

Create your own workout template

Find pictures, videos and lists of various exercises that can be done at home with little or no equipment to create a quick movement break or a longer workout.  Pick and choose exercises that match your fitness level by following this link: CFC Create Your Own Workout

Ready-made workouts

Most of the exercises can be adjusted to fit one's current ability or can be substituted for a different exercise.  You can view a selection of workouts by following this link: CFC Ready-Made Workouts

Participate in a Recreational Services at home challenge

Next challenge coming soon.

CFC Blog

If you are exploring how to stay active and healthy during while spending a lot of time at home, check out our blog.  View posts from our staff by following this link:  CFC Blog