CFC - Ready-Made Workouts

By participating in Cornell Fitness Centers Virtual and Home Fitness content, you acknowledge and understand that you are voluntarily participating in an activity that can be potentially dangerous and can result in serious injury. This agreement of Risk and Hold Harmless shall be governed by the laws of New York State, without regard to conflicts of law principles.

It is advised that you seek permission from a health care professional before starting any exercise routine, since Cornell University has not made any assessment on your health, fitness or skill level to participate in this activity.

Everyone is at a different level of fitness, it is important to self-direct during these videos, and only work at an intensity level that is appropriate for yourself. Be aware of tripping hazards, and if pain is associated with any movement stop immediately. By continuing to engage with this video you hereby assume all risk, not limited to, what was stated above.

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At-Home Strength Workout 1 - Squats, Push Ups, Standing Row, Plank

Floor Core: Neck and Back Maintenance - Plank, Side Plank, Glute Bridge, Bird-Dog, Prone Arm Raises

Back Pack Circuit - Supine Triceps Press, Back Pack Hip Bridges, Single-Arm Biceps Curl, Mountain Climbers, Back Pack Step-Ups, Plank with Back Pack Drag-through, Back Pack Squats

Low Impact Cardio Circuit

Low Impact Cardio 2

Low Impact Cardio with Weights

Lower Body Strength Training (all levels)

Lower Body Strength Workout With Resistance Bands

Core Strength Workout 1

Core Strength Workout 2

Core Strength Workout 3

Core Strength Workout With Resistance Bands

Core Strength Workout With Resistance Bands 2

Combo Strength/Cardio Intervals

High Intensity Cardio Intervals

High Intensity Cardio Intervals 2

Upper Body Strength With Resistance Band

10 Minute Stretch