Group Fitness - Pre-Recorded Classes

Welcome the CFC's Pre-Recorded Fitness Class library.  Pre-Recorded classes are free to the Cornell Community and can be viewed at anytime.  These classes are recorded without music, therefore if you'd like utilize music during your class experience, please have that ready when you begin the class.  Please click on the class link to view the description and begin the video.  You will be guided first through a waiver, and then redirected to the video.  Some classes have more than one video available.

Cardio-Strength Classes

20 Minute Cardio w/ Krista

20 Minute Tabata w/ Krista

Body Blast w/ Maya C.

Body Blast w/ Carolyn

Core & More w/ Carolyn

Fit Trifecta w/ Priscilla

H.I.I.T. w/ Todd

H.I.I.T & Core w/ Krista

Strength Classes

Backpack Workout w/ Todd

Barre w/ Melissa B.

Muscle Pump w/ Debbie

Pilates w/ Jenn

Yoga Classes

Yoga - Anusara® w/ Tanya

Yoga - Hatha Flow w/ Veronica

Yoga - Kripalu w/ Diane

Yoga - Prenatal w/ Diane

Yoga - Vinyasa w/ Linda

Yoga - Vinyasa w/ Jessica

Yoga - Vinyasa w/ Melissa W.

Stress Relief & Guided Relaxation Through Yoga w/ Diane

Desk Breaks/Study Breaks

Deskercise w/ Krista

Seated Desk Stretches w/ Diane

Self Massage w/ Shira

Mini Standing Yoga Routine w/ Diane