Group Fitness - Virtual Classes

CFC is pleased to provide LIVE virtual fitness classes to help you stay connected to your Cornell Community!  These classes are accessible to anyone with a Cornell NetID, no membership required.  If our schedule of live classes doesn't fit into your schedule, we've added pre-recorded classes to be viewed on demand.

To participate, sign into Cornell Zoom ( with your Net ID and password on your computer or tablet and make sure that your webcam is functioning.  If you are a Retiree or Alum you may need to log in differently, depending on your status with the University.  Please also read the helpful information about each class so you are ready to go once the class begins. 

If you need help with logging into Zoom visit the Cornell IT Zoom page.

Summer Session II Dates: July 6 - July 14, 2020

To access a LIVE class, click on the schedule link: 

Virtual Classes - LIVE Schedule

General tips for a successful class:

-What to have ready:  water, towel and any optional equipment indicated in the class description (...if you have it.  If not, you can still join!).

-It can be helpful to identify a couple locations to place your device to make it easier for you to see/hear during the class.  For example: a location for the device when participating in standing activities and then another location for when you are seated, or, performing exercises on the floor.  Think about where you can place your screen so that you don't have to hold your neck in an awkward or uncomfortable position.

-If you are taking a class where a mat is useful and you happen to have more than one, arrange them in a 'T' shape to help with smooth transitions when you need to change your orientation to the screen.

-If the instructor isn't using music for the class, you are welcome to play your own in your personal space.  Just be sure to keep yourself on mute throughout class.

-Wondering if you will need shoes?  Check the class description for the safest and preferred options.

-Ensure the space around you is cleared before beginning your workout.

-As you enter the ZOOM meeting, feel free to chat with the instructor and with each other.  Once class begins the instructor will ask you to please mute yourself for the duration of class.

-If you would prefer to not be visible by the instructor or other participants, you have the option to turn off the video feature in the bottom left corner of your screen.  You will still be able to see the instructor and others.

-To see the instructor more clearly, you can 'pin' the instructor screen to keep it as the main screen you are viewing by clicking on the ellipses in the corner of the instructor screen.