Virtual Yoga - Prenatal

Thurs  11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


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Helpful Information:

- There is no CFC or Wellness Membership requirement to attend this virtual class.  A CFC or Wellness Membership will be required when this class resumes meeting on campus.

- To participate, first sign in to Cornell Zoom ( or your personal Zoom account, and then click "Join Here" above.

- It is suggested that you participate in bare feet and have a clear space to practice

- Recommended props: A sturdy chair that doesn't have arms, and 1-3 firm blankets

- Nice to have props:  Yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks (though a chair can easily be used in place of blocks), and a yoga strap (or a long scarf or belt)

-Class Description:  If you are pregnant, or hoping to be pregnant at some point in the future, then this is the class for you. Come help alleviate discomforts of pregnancy, while gaining strength and flexibility in a safe and dynamic way. With gentle stretching, conscious use of breath, deep relaxation, and mindfulness techniques, you can enhance the quality of your pregnancy, prepare for an empowered birth process, and learn useful skills for life. No prior experience of yoga is necessary. Others not in the birth continuum are also heartily welcome to join this class.

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