Yoga - Hatha with Meditation & Breathwork

This class will begin with 40 minutes of physical postures (asana) and move into 20 minutes of breathwork and meditation. The physical practice will use a combination of flowing movements and grounding postures to prepare the body to sit with more ease. The breathwork will draw from a number of techniques to energize, sooth, or balance the energy in the body and nervous system. The class will end with a meditation practice that is accessible to all practitioners no matter the level of experience. Students will leave class refreshed and empowered with techniques for breathwork and meditation they can use at home!

Participants are highly encouraged to supply their own mat, however mats are available for use. Please note that you will be asked to clean any mats or props you borrow at the conclusion of class. Gloves are available for member use. One may wish to bring a personal workout towel for a barrier between the face and mat. Capacity depends on the location: Helen Newman Hall Classroom: 30, Teagle Hall Multipurpose Room: 50, Noyes Multipurpose Room: 38.

Late entry will only be permitted within 20 minutes of the class start time.

Group Fitness Announcements

Spring Group Fitness Classes will run through May 26, 2023.

Please bring an extra pair of clean and dry shoes to change into before entering our facilities or use the blue towels provided to remove water/mud/snow/etc. This helps to keep our facilities clean and SAFE!


For questions about Group Fitness class schedules or special events, please contact:

In-Person and Virtual Private Group Fitness Class requests are now being accepted for Spring 2023.  All requests for private classes must be made at least two weeks in advance of the event date.  Please contact: to begin the request process.