Individuals not adhering to these policies may be asked to leave. CFC management reserves the right to revoke memberships.

Entry to Facilities and Programs

  • Individuals must purchase and maintain a current CFC membership (see Membership information for additional guidelines).  Members must present a valid, Cornell ID card to gain access to facilities and programs unless otherwise specified.
  • If you do not have a valid Cornell ID, you can ask a current member to sponsor you for the day and purchase a guest pass, but the member must sponsor you.
  • If you do not have a valid Cornell ID, you will not be allowed in the facility or program.
  • Membership is required to enter fitness centers, group fitness classes, and CFC programs.  Children will not be permitted, even with an adult, into programs.

Clothing & Gear

  • Shirt, shorts, tank-tops, sports bras, and sweat pants are acceptable workout attire.
  • Jeans or jean shorts are not permitted.
  • Clothing not classified as “workout attire” i.e. khaki shorts, pants, etc may be deemed unacceptable by the fitness staff due to rivets, buckles or other items on the garment. These items will damage upholstery and equipment. If a fitness staff deems your attire unacceptable you will be asked to change.
  • Clean, dry, closed-top shoes are required at all times in the facility or program unless otherwise directed. Athletic shoes are most appropriate for use in the facilities and programs.
  • Sandals or open-top shoes are not permitted. Street shoes or boots that are not deemed potentially damaging to the facility or equipment are permitted. If your shoes are deemed potentially damaging to the facility or equipment, you will be asked to change.
  • Hats are not to be worn while on benches or padded surfaces.
  • Stow your personal belongings in the cubby/locker, secure valuables in coin lockers (see below,) and put your wet footwear in the Shoe Valet area.
  • Bags must be stored and not brought onto the fitness floor. Free, day-use lockers are available at Helen Newman and Teagle Hall. You must provide your own lock and remove it when you leave.

CFC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  If your attire is not appropriate you will be asked to leave.  

Coin Lockers 

  • Coin operated lockers are provided for members to store small valuable items.
  • CFC discourages members from bringing any items of great value to the fitness centers locations. If you must bring valuable items to the fitness centers, we ask that you take a free locker to store your belongings. There will be a $15 replacement charge to members who lose coin locker keys. 

Food & Drinks

  • Food is not allowed in the facilities or programs.
  • Drinks must be in re-sealable plastic containers. No glass containers allowed.
  • Gum is not allowed in the facilities or programs due to potential choking hazards and clean-up.

Personal Conduct

  • You are expected to act in a courteous and respectful manner while utilizing the CFC facilities and programs. You are required to follow the instructions of the fitness staff at all times.
  • Return equipment and re-rack weights when you have finished using them.
  • Please refrain from spitting in the drinking fountains.
  • Please do not drop your weights.

Personal Training

Only individuals employed by Cornell Recreational Services as “Personal Trainers,” and representing Cornell Recreational Services at the time, may conduct personal training in any CFC facility. Personal Training is defined by any of the following:

  • Leading an individual through a designed workout.
  • Providing one-on-one exercise instruction and education.
  • Prescribing a fitness program for another individual.
  • Verbally or visually promoting a personal training company.
  • Receiving payment for exercise guidance, including payment of guest fee.

Anyone suspected of acting as a Personal Trainer by exhibiting any of the above behaviors will be questioned and informed of the CFC policies. Any individual acting as a Personal Trainer, as defined above, who is not employed by Cornell Recreational Services will be asked to discontinue. If the individual fails to comply with this request, all membership and guest privileges may be suspended or revoked for the individual in question and client(s) involved.

Equipment Usage

Clips or Collars are required when lifting loaded barbells.

Misuse of equipment can result in personal injury and/or damage to the equipment. You must follow directions and instructions at all times. Ask for assistance from the fitness staff if you are unfamiliar with equipment. Fitness staff will require you to alter your exercise if any use is deemed inappropriate or unsafe. Abuse of equipment may result in your being asked to leave the facility or your membership being revoked.

Towels: CFC provides workout towels in all facilities and some programs. Members are required to wipe any sweat off machines after use. You must return these towels to the designated collection point before leaving the facility or program. If a towel becomes too soiled to continue use, you may return it and get a clean one at any time.

Phone & Stereo are to be operated by the fitness staff only.


You may request a pre-activity screening tool to help you determine whether you should check with your health care provider before becoming more physically active. If you answer yes to one or more questions, you are advised to talk to your physician before you start exercising more. If you answer yes to one or more questions, it is also necessary for you to notify one of the professional staff in Room 319 of Helen Newman Hall to further discuss any potential risks involved with your participation in physical activity.

Revised Spring 2015

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