Membership FAQ

What is the difference between a CFC and Fitness Classes only membership?
A CFC membership entitles you to everything in the Fitness Class membership plus access to:

  • cardiovascular exercise machines such as treadmills and elliptical cross-trainers,
  • free weights such as bench press equipment and dumbells,
  • and selectorized equipment such as the jungle gym.

This equipment is available at several locations across campus.

If I only want to attend a fitness class once a week, do I need to buy a membership?
Yes. However, if just want to try a class once, you can purchase a day pass.

What's the difference between the different types of yoga listed on the fitness class schedule?
Linking to the class from the group fitness master schedule will display a class decription.

When are the gyms open?
Check out our online hours.

What is the Fitness Class schedule?
Check out our online class schedule.

Where can I park?
This is actually a complex question that depends on your permit and the time of day. Most of our sites are near parking lots with free evening or weekend parking, but please check Commuter and Parking Services for definitive information.

Where are the pools on campus and when are I swim?
There are pools in Teagle and Helen Newman. Your access to those pools is independent of your membership status with CFC. Pool hours.

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