Virtual Try-A-Tri(athlon)

What: Participants will choose their challenge of triathlon distance with the goal of completing that distance in a 3 week period. Once completed, participants will be entered into a raffle drawing.

    Your Challenge:

  • Choose your tri challenge options:







0.45 mile
(724 meters)
(792 yards)
*16 laps

12.5 mile
(20 km)

3.1 mile
(5 km )

16.1 miles


0.93 mile
(1497 meters)
(1637 yards)
*33 laps

25 mile

6.2 mile
(10 km)

32.1 miles

Half Ironman

1.2 mile
(1931 meters)
(2112 yards)
*42 laps

56 mile
(90 km)

13.1 mile
(21.1 km)

70.3 miles


2.4 mile
(3862 meters)
(4224 yards)
*85 laps

112 mile
(180.2 km)

26.2 mile
(42.2 km)

140.6 miles

*lap equivalent for a 25 yard pool rounded to closest full lap (1 length = 25 yards from wall to wall; 1 lap = 2 lengths = 50 yards down and back). Both HNH and Teagle large pool are 25 yard pools.

    Your Choice:

  • You decide when, where and how to complete your chosen tri challenge.

    • Swim: You may use an indoor pool or accessible and safe lake/pond/ocean (if you are in a climate that makes this option safe). Any stroke can be used to complete the required distance (e.g. freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, aqua jogging, or even lifejacket assisted doggy paddling).

    • Bike: You may ride outdoors or use an indoor stationary bike (i.e. your own trainer, during a spin class, on an upper body ergometer, etc.)

    • Run: You can walk, jog, or run using tracks, treadmills, roads, etc.

      • Contact us if you would like some help adapting your needs to this running element. We can be reached at

    Your Pace:

  • Your goal is to finish the distance of your tri challenge within the three week period. You can complete your distances in one workout, or through many during the three week period. If you complete one tri challenge with days or weeks left, try another tri!


When: March 2-March 22, 2020

  • The Virtual Tri starts at 12:00 am on Monday, March 2, 2020 and you will have until 11:59 pm on Sunday, March 22, 2020 - a 3 week  challenge



  • This is a virtual triathlon where you get to choose how, where, and when you bike, run and swim.


Who: ANYONE  in the Cornell Community

  • Includes students, staff, faculty, retirees and spouses/partners

  • This event is meant to entice anyone who would like to Try a TRI! We welcome the weekend warrior, the competitive athlete, exercise newcomer or the triathlon enthusiast.

  • We welcome any ability. Please contact us at to get some individualized fitness advise on how to make this tri challenge, challenge you.

  • Tell and challenge your friends, colleagues, professors, etc. The more support you have, the more successful you will be!



1. To register, go to:

2. Choose your tri distance challenge. Then click “Enroll.” You can choose multiple!

3. Create an account in Challenge Runner using your Cornell email:

  • Cornell student, staff, faculty or retiree, you must use your Cornell netid/email to register for this event.

  • Spouses or partners can register using their personal email.

4. Keep track of the miles you swim, bike, and run and log them into Challenge Runner.

  • Enter manually via Challenge Runner (website or app) or automatically by syncing with your personal fitness tracker.

  • Fitness tracker entry will be enabled for running only.

    • Polar devices are NOT compatible.

  • Distance should be logged in MILES only.

    • Use numbers with or without decimals, and only without a label (i.e. 3.5 NOT 3.5 miles).

  • Logging miles is based on the honor system, so please be truthful and accurate!

5. Win prizes!

  • Once you reach the total distance of your chosen tri challenge, you will receive entry into that raffle drawing.


Link to FAQs

*** Please participate in safe exercises and practice healthy habits!

If you are wondering if this event is the right event for you, or have any other questions, please reach out to us at