Helen Newman Hall Recreation Center

Helen Newman Hall, majestically overlooking Beebe Lake, was built in 1963 to house Women’s Physical Education. Over the past twenty years, it has transformed into one of the primary recreation centers on campus. It houses a pool, a two-court gymnasium for basketball/volleyball/badminton, a classroom and a dance studio where many group fitness classes and club practices are held, a 16-lane bowling center and an air conditioned fitness center. Helen Newman is also the home of the majority of the Recreational Services administation offices.

The fitness center at Helen Newman is located on the third floor. Here members will find a fitness center equipped with cardio machines with individual television screens, free weight equipment, Precor selectorized machines, and a designated stretching area. Strength training equipment includes: flat benches, squat racks, jungle gym bars, cable rack, selectorized machines, dumbbells, free weights, core bags, griprs, TRX strap, ab roller, exercise ball, and more. Cardio equipment includes: Precor treadmills, elliptical trainers, AMT's, Expresso bikes, recumbent and upright bikes, C2 rowing machines, and a UBE.

  • Helen Newman Hall Service Desk/Issue Room: (607) 255-8164
  • Helen Newman Hall Fitness Center: (607) 254-6728

Toni Morrison Fitness Center

Toni Morrison Fitness Center is the largest fitness center on camps, and is located on North Campus in Toni Morrison Hall. Toni Morrison Fitness Center has television screens on treadmills, AMTs, elliptical, and stair stepper equipment. Other cardio opportunities include ERGs, rowers, and bikes. The site has ten platform racks and racks of dumbbells, as well as Escape brand fitness pieces such as plyo boxes, grippers, core bags, and medicine balls. Morrison has weight-load machines for leg extensions, leg curls, lat pulldowns, and chest press.

  • Toni Morrison Fitness Center: (607) 253-2121

Noyes Community Recreation Center

The Noyes Community Recreation Center provides a variety of recreation programming for students living on and around West Campus and it is open to the entire Cornell community (staff, faculty, retirees, spouses/partners) as well. Students from residential houses, fraternities, sororities, co-ops, program houses and off-campus apartments can work out in the gym, study or simply hang out with friends in the lounge, play games and attend other social events.

In addition to a lounge, game area and a convenience store, Noyes houses a regulation-size basketball court with lines for volleyball and badminton, a fitness center, a 30-foot-long bouldering wall (managed by COE), and a multi-purpose room for group fitness classes, club practices and other recreational activities. The outdoor basketball court has amphitheater seating for spectating and special events.

The fitness centers full line of cardio equipment (including expresso bikes) has individual telelvision screens and iPod docking cables. There is a designated area for stretching. Aditionally, for strength training, there are two squat racks, flat benches, dumbbells, barbells, Precor selectorized equipment, and more. Noyes is fully air conditioned and also has commercial free music playing.

  • Noyes Community Recreation Center Service Desk: (607) 255-0421
  • Noyes Fitness Center: (607) 255-1713

Teagle Hall Fitness Centers

Cornell's Teagle Hall facility has an upstairs fitness center location and a downstairs fitness center location, making it the largest fitness facility on campus. Teagle's upstairs center is a cardio facility equipped with multiple treadmills, ellipticals, AMT's, recumbant bikes and upright bikes, rowing machines, and a rope pull. Most of the cardio equipment has individual television screens and iPod docking cables. This upstairs facility also offers some free weights, flat benches, and Paramount selectorized equipment. Additionally there are Core bags, Gripr's, Vert balls, Bulgarian bags, balance discs, a Bosu ball, and individual stretching mats.

Teagle's downstairs fitness center focuses on strength training and offers multiple squat racks, flat benches, Olympic lifting platforms, a cable rack, weighted balls, dumbbells, free weights, and some machines. These facilities are perfect for those who like to work out in between classes or get a break from the office as it is conveniently located on central campus. Teagle Hall is also situated directly across the street for a large university parking garage.

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  • Teagle Hall Service Desk/Issue Room: (607) 255-1318
  • Teagle Hall Fitness Center (UP): (607) 255-4713
  • Teagle Hall Fitness Center (DOWN): (607) 255-5532

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