HNH Building & Gymnasium Hours Of Operation

Please be advised that HNH building and gymnasium open hours are subject to change. All University break periods have varying hours. You may call Helen Newman Hall at (607) 255-8164 if you have any questions.


Modified Fall 2020 Schedule

Helen Newman Hall is currently only open for Physical Education classes.

Access to the facility is restricted to students going to class.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


*Note: Issue Room open hours are the same as building hours

*Note: On weekdays, hours may differ due to PE Classes. Please call the Helen Newman Issue Room if you have questions regarding Gymnasium availability.

 OPEN REC CALENDAR (Courts are closed until further notice)









HNH Court #1

                                                                 Basketball all the time

HNH Court #2


Badminton after 6:00pm

Badminton after 6:00pm

Volleyball    after 6:00pm

Volleyball  after 6:00pm

Badminton (odd dates) or Volleyball (even dates)



Volleyball  11am-2pm






Badminton 11am-2pm


Open Recreation Policies

  1. All patrons using the gym must be in possession of a valid Cornell ID card or must have purchased a guest pass, which must be shown to the building monitor upon entry or request.
  2. Gym users must have clean, dry, appropriate gymnasium footwear on at all times.
  3. Basketball always has priority over volleyball and badminton on Court 1.
  4. Volleyball and badminton always has priority over basketball on Court 2.
  5. Basketball players may NOT shoot at the baskets on Court 2 if either volleyball or badminton is being played.
  6. Roller blades, skateboards, and hover boards are NEVER permitted in the gym.
  7. Soccer balls, tennis balls, baseballs, lacrosse balls, etc., are not permitted in the gym.

Open Rec Basketball

  1. Basketball games automatically become challenge games when there are two teams of five on the court and five more players who have made a challenge are ready for play.
  2. Full court challenge games always have a priority over half court games.
  3. At the time of a challenge, the two teams on the court will finish their game to 11 points, or start a game to 11 if they had not yet started a game.
  4. The losing team must give up the court to the next challenging team.  If there are less than five players to create a team of five, then members of the losing team may join the waiting players to create a new team of five.
  5. After a team wins three games in a row, they MUST rotate out.  The next two challenging teams then take the court.
  6. If volleyball or badminton arrives on Court 2 during its appropriate time-frame, and a basketball game is in progress, the game converts immediately to “Next point wins”.  After the point is scored, teams must move to court 1 to allow setup for volleyball/badminton.

Open Rec Badminton

  1. All badminton games become challenge games if all badminton courts are in use and others are waiting to play.
  2. Challenge games are to 21 points with a point being scored on each serve.  Games will not be played in sets.
  3. After a team wins three challenges in a row, it MUST rotate off that court.  The next two challenging teams then take the court.
  4. The first net set up should go on the court closest to the standards rack.  The second court to go up should be the one next to it.  If two courts are in use, they must be the two courts on the right side of Court 2 (the courts closest to the standard rack).
  5. Badminton players must return the poles to the storage racks on the wall.

Open Rec Volleyball

  1. All volleyball games become challenge games if the court is in use by two teams, and others are waiting to play.
  2. Challenge games are to 15 points, win by 2, with an 18-point hard cap.  Points are scored on each serve.
  3. After a team wins three challenges in a row, it MUST rotate off that court.  The next two challenging teams then take the court.
  4. Please return all volleyball standards to the storage corner when finished with them.