Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my team?

  • Teams must be registered through the website Once you create an account or log in you will be able to search for sports and leagues to join. If you wish to create a team the option will be available once the specific sport and league is selected. From there the steps are simple to follow. Also, if you are experiencing issues there is an option for live support assistance.

As a team captain, what are my responsibilities?

  • Team captains serves as a liaison between the team and the Intramural Sports Office. League and team information is primarily sent to the team captain. The team captain may protest a rules interpretation during a game or eligibility issues.  Team captains are responsible for assisting the Intramural Sports staff with making sure the team and its spectators/affiliates adhere to all sports rules and Intramural Sports policies.  Lastly, the team captain is also the individual that is responsible for all fees that the team incurs over the season.

I want to play but I don’t know anyone with a team. Are there any options for me?

  • Participants can list themselves as “Free Agents” from the website. This will allow all team captains to see your profile and invite you to join their team. Participants can also attend the sport’s captains meeting to seek teams attempting to add players. Please keep in mind that once a participant plays with a team they cannot play for any other team during that season or post season.

Any limits on roster additions?

  • There are no limitations in terms of adding players to a team’s roster. Teams can add players during both regular and post season games. However players can only play for one non-Mix-Gender team and one Mix-Gender team, current varsity athletes are not allowed to participate in the same sports they play, and teams cannot have more than 2 players from the club teams from that particular sport.

Any differences in Mix-Gender Leagues in terms of rosters and starting a game?

  • In order to start a game there must be the appropriate minimum number of genders. However the number of each gender does not have to be the same. For example, teams can play plus or minus one gender if it meets the minimum requirements for players.

Can teams add players to their roster on site prior to the beginning of a game?

  • Teams can add players to their roster on site with no issues.  

What is the intramurals jewelry policy?

  • Small ear studs and nose studs are acceptable for play. Otherwise, no exposed jewelry such as rings, large or hoop earrings and piercings, and bracelets are permitted. Taping down or covering jewelry is not acceptable. Certain religious and medical alert items may but worn but only after direct approval from the Director of Intramural Sports.

How do I pay intramural fees?

  • The defaulted option is a bursar charge to the account of the team captain.  However, alternative forms of payment can be setup if the captain calls the Recreational Services office at 255-5133.  Alternative forms include:  credit card, checks made out to Cornell University, or if you are a residence hall, Greek or other organization that has an organizational line account to render payment.

How to avoid fees when my team can’t play?

  • If your team cannot participate for any reason a default can be given. The team must contact the intramural sports office prior to 4:00pm the day of the game during the week.  For weekend games contact must be made by Friday at 5:00pm to avoid the forfeit fee.

What does my team have to do to make playoffs?

  • In order to qualify for playoff games teams must reach two benchmarks. First, teams must finish the regular season with a .500 winning record or better. Second, teams must finish with a minimum 3.0 sportsmanship score. This score must be maintained through playoff play or the team will be removed from the playoff bracket.

How do I know when my team plays during in the playoffs?

  • Once the regular season has ended league playoff brackets will be formulated. These brackets will include all playoff schedule information from the first round through the championship game. These brackets can be found on under the specific league page (example Mix-Gender Football) by clicking the blue banner stating “Click Here to View Playoff Brackets.” 

How will teams be notified about weather cancelations or schedule changes?

  • Please check your email for messages from in regards to weather cancelations and reschedules. These messages will be sent out on weekdays and weekends one hour prior to when games are scheduled to begin.  We will NEVER call with this information.

Do sportsmanship ratings really affect my team?

  • Yes, Sportsmanship ratings can have multiple affects to your team. Teams must maintain a 3.0 out of a 4.0 scale for sportsmanship rating throughout the regular season and playoffs.  A team with poor sportsmanship rating will not be accepted for post season play no matter their winning record. If a team continuously displays poor sportsmanship ratings the teams captain may be asked to meet with the Director to discuss their behavior and determine future status in Intramural sports.

Can fans come and watch us?

  • Yes, teams can invite friends or others to watch them compete in Intramural Sports. However, the team is responsible for their actions. This includes any unsportsmanlike actions that may occur. This could cause a team’s sportsmanship rating to decrease or game forfeiture due to too many unsportsmanlike penalties. 

If I am interested in officiating games, how do I get started?

  • Training sessions are hosted prior to all officiated intramural sports such as basketball. If you cannot make these training sessions other options are also available. For more information about possible employment, check out our officials page!

If my question was not answered where can I find the information?

  • Any additional questions can be answered on site by Intramural Sports Supervisors. Also questions can be directed to the Intramural Sports Office in person, over the phone at 607-255-8063, or through email at