Rules & Policies

Below are the links for sport-specific rules. With all IM activities and events, the following guidelines are in effect:

Sportspersonship Statement

The responsibility of a positive, fun, and safe atmosphere in Intramural Sports belongs to everyone involved.

Good sportspersonship is required of all individuals participating and spectating in Intramural Sports. Participants and spectators are to conduct themselves properly at all times. Cornell Recreational Services reserves the right to disqualify and/or suspend individuals and groups for unsporting conduct at any time. Unsporting conduct before, during, and after a game or activity will not be tolerated. Unsporting conduct may be referred to the University for disciplinary procedures.

Risk Management

Cornell Recreational Services assumes no responsibility for injuries received during intramurals, special events, and other recreational activities. The participant has voluntarily decided to participate in this sport or activity and has knowledge of the nature and the extent of the risks. Participants are also aware that there are other risks of injury or illness that may arise due to participation in this sport or activity and that it is not possible to specifically list every individual risk of injury. It is strongly recommended that all participants have a physical examination prior to participating. Any injuries or accidents occurring during recreational activities should be reported immediately to on-duty personnel.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Individuals, teams, and spectators who arrive intoxicated, suspected of consumption, or possessing alcohol, tobacco, or other illegal substances will not be permitted to play or spectate and will be asked to to leave the playing area. The game may be forfeited and the offending individual(s) immediately suspended from play or spectating. Cornell Recreational Services staff will act in a manner that is prudent, with the safety of all individuals as a priority. Individuals not adhering to Campus Policy regarding this matter may be referred to the University for disciplinary procedures.

Fall 2021 Sports Spring 2022 Sports
Sand Volleyball League  
Outdoor Soccer League  
Flag Football League  
Sunday 9-Hole Golf Doubles Tourney  
Canoe Battleship Tournament  
Softball Classic Tourney  
4v4 Volleyball League  
Sunday 3v3 Basketball League  
No-Tap Bowling Tourney  
5v5 Basketball Tournament  
Words With Friends 2 League  
3v3 Rocket League  
Smash Brothers Tournament  
25-Question Trivia Show  


Intramural Policy Handbook

For more information regarding specific policies (registration, forfeit procedure, eligibility, sportsmanship, regular season and playoff format, etc.), download the Intramural Handbook.