6v6 Volleyball Rules


  • All games will be played in the infield courts located in Barton Hall.


  • This is a team activity with six players per team playing on the court.
  • Teams will be placed in a round-robin pool play for the regular season.
  • The top two teams from each pool will be placed into a single-elimination playoff bracket.

Officials and Staff

  • On-site personnel and professional staff reserve the right to rule on situations not specified in the rulebook or IM Participant Handbook when safety and sportspersonship are involved.
  • The officials have absolute control of the game. Their decision will be final and are not to be disputed by members of either team.
  • Any participant that refuses to abide by Intramural Sport rules, policies, or instructions from Intramural Student and Professional Staff cannot participate and may be removed from the playing area.


Forfeit Procedure

If a team fails to have the required number of participants at the scheduled match time, the opposing team who is present will have the following options:

  1. Take the win by forfeit at that time. No contest will be played.
  2. Give the opponent ten (10) minutes for the minimum amount of players to arrive. The following will occur if this option is chosen:
    • The team present will immediately lead 15-0 in the first set on the scoreboard and scoresheet.
    • Game commences once the minimum amount of players arrive and check-in with IM Staff.
    • If the opposing team is not ready to play (having the minimum number of players here and checked in) ten (10) minutes after the scheduled game time, IM Staff will declare the game a forfeit for the waiting team.

A forfeit fee of $20 will be applied to the capatin's bursar account if a team forfeits. Teams with two forfeits will be removed from the league and ineligible for playoffs.

Default Procedure

A team may default a game if the team is unable to field the minimum amount of players for their scheduled game.

  • Teams can default their game by contacting the IM Sports Director or Intern prior to 4:00pm the day of their game.
  • All teams have one default per season per activity. Using a second or subsequent default will be counted as a forfeit.
  • Defaults will not be rescheduled, and teams using a default will have the game count as a loss.
  • A default will not be charged a forfeit fee.

General Rules

  • Proper attire must be worn for intramural sport activities. Items that may not be worn during activities may include, but are not limited to:
    • Head gear including hard-billed hats,
    • Jewelry other than nose studs and ear studs (TAPED JEWELRY is NOT acceptable)
    • Casts and exposed metal braces.
    • Any clothing or items that may be deemed potentially injurious or advantageous.
  • Religious and medical identifications/devices must be approved by the Director of Intramural Sports prior to the contest, and must be secured.
  • Players bleeding or that have blood on clothing will be prohibited from participation until appropriate measured have been administrated.

Specific Rules

The NFHS Volleyball Rulebook shall govern play for all intramural volleyball games with the exceptions listed in the rules.

  • A minimum of four (4) players are required to start a game.
  • Teams may finish with less individuals due to injury or other reasons if the officials deem the game can still be competitive, and done without sportspersonship issues.
    • Mix-Gender modifications: Teams must have at least two individuals identifying as male and as female to start play
      • Acceptable Mix-Gender ratios are 2:2, 3:2, and 3:3 of either identification.
  • Games consist of a best-of-three (3) set series.
    • Sets one and two will be played to 25, win by 2, capped at 30.
    • The third set, if needed, will be played to 18, win by 2, capped at 23
      • Teams will switch sides on the third set after the first team reaches 9 points.
  • Teams have one (1) 60-second timeouts for the entire series.
  • Game will begin with a coin-toss, called by the team designated home on the scoresheet.
    • The winner of the coin toss may elect serve, receive or choose a side
    • The team not serving first will serve first in the second set.
    • A new coin toss will be called by the team designated visitor if a third set is needed.
  • Each team is allowed a maximum of three (3) successive contacts of the ball in order to return the ball to the opposing side.
    • Blocks do not count as a contact
  • Mix-Gender Modifications:
    • The service order and positions on the court must alternate between male and female players.
      • The only consecutive male/female position may occur if a team has an odd number of players.
    • If a team requires more than one hit to return the ball, one hit must be done by a female.
  • Teams must rotate clockwise after receiving a side-out
  • Blocking or attacking a serve is not legal.
  • All passes must be clearly contacted, not lifted or thrown.
  • A back row player may spike providing that the player jumps from behind the 10-foot line.
  • Substitutions may only occur during dead balls. 
    • Teams may rotate players in one at a time through the server's position of change player for player.
      • The team must indicate which method will be used at the start of each set.
    • 2 intentional fouls,
    • 1 flagrant foul (technical or personal).
  • Lines:
    • Any ball landing on a line is considered inbounds.
    • The server must stand entirely behind the end line until they strike the ball for the serve.
    • A player's foot/hand may land on the center line provided it is not eintrely over the line.
  • Net Play:
    • Players may reach over the net and block the ball, provided the opposing team has completed their attempt to return the ball over the net.
    • The ball is considered to have crossed the net when any part of the ball is over the net.

Sportspersonship Ratings

Beginning in the 2021-2022 Intramural Sports season, sportspersonship ratings will be determined by the accumulation of unsporting acts and penalties for individuals and teams during the activities' season. Any acquisition of unsportspersonlike conduct fouls during a contest will be added to an individual's and team's unsportspersonlike total for the activity's season.

The following will be in effect for the activity:

  • The accumulation of TWO (2) unsportspersonlike conduct fouls in a game by an individual will result in the ejection of the individual from the game, as outlined in the Intramural Participant Handbook.
  • The accumulation of THREE (3) total unsportspersonlike conduct fouls by an individual during an activity's season will result in the dimissal of the individual from the activity for the remainder of the season, as outlined in the Intramural Participant Handbook.
  • The accumulation of FOUR (4) unsportspersonlike conduct fouls by a team in a game will result in the team forfeiture of the contest, as outlined in the Intramural Participant Handbook.
  • The accumulation of FIVE (5) total unsportspersonlike conduct fouls by a team during an activity's season will result in the dimissal of the team from the activity for the remainder of the season, as outlined in the Intramural Participant Handbook.

Accumulations of unsportspersonlike conducts do not reset during playoffs.

  • If an individual or team meets the prior criteria during playoffs, they will be subject to dismissal during playoffs.

Additional actions may be taken depending upon the infractions outlined in Section IX., Disciplinary Procedures, as outlined in the Intramural Participant Handbook.