Stress Relief & Guided Relaxation Through Yoga w/ Diane

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Video Length: 54 minutes

Class Description:  Want to dial down the stress? Like the idea of being guided into a state of deep relaxation? In this yoga session we’ll do a few active, yet gentle yoga movements & breathing, and will then finish with an extended and luxurious guided relaxation. Not to miss!

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You will want to gather the following items, if possible. They are what we're ultimately aiming for, yet it's fine if you don't have everything! They are basically ways of helping you to get extra comfortable & relaxed on the floor. The list may seem long, yet it's well worth the effort:

-Wear comfy layers and socks, so you can stay warm!

-3 firm blankets that you can fold up in a narrow & long way. If you're familiar with a yoga bolster, we are creating a "bolster" with folded blankets. Aiming for approximately 10" wide and 24-30" long. Once they're stacked one on top of the other, we're looking for a height near 5-8" tall. (Approximately! It's fine if it's not close to those dimensions.)

-2 yoga blocks, or "block substitutes": We will be placing the blocks under the "bolster" (the folded & stacked blankets, above), so the bolster is on an angle (see photo). People who don't have blocks will instead use stacked books, or additional blankets/pillows to tuck under the "bolster". This creates a nice Reclined Bolster set-up, which is often extremely comfortable for the back to lie on, and is super relaxing for the nervous system.

-A pillow or another blanket to place under the knees. (When lying on the back, legs flat on the floor, having a pillow under the knees helps the back to relax nicely.)

For the extra relaxation boost, IF available:

Place something soft on the floor, so you're not sitting/lying directly on a hard wood/tile floor. Carpeting, a yoga mat, a blanket, or even go ahead and do this on the bed! (Really, doing this on the bed would be super nice, as long as the Reclined Bolster set-up will stay put)

A light cloth, like a scarf, to lay over your eyes (think "eye pillow")

An additional blanket to turn into "Burrito Arms" (great way to deeply relax the shoulders, chest, and back). This one, when folded, will be around 18"wide, and about 48-60" long)

An additional blanket (!) to lay over you to help you stay extra warm