Community Wellness Chat: Staying Hydrated Through The Holidays

  • December 8, 10:30-11:30am
  • provided through Zoom live
  • register here

With several holidays just around the corner, we’re moving into a time of festivities, traditions, family, friends, Zoom gatherings, small in person gatherings and possibly travel. These times can bring joy and often also are taxing on our bodies at the same time. Our focus can be pulled in many directions, and typically these directions are away from our own health and personal care. Staying hydrated during the holidays can be challenging when confronted with alcoholic beverages, salty snacks, and staying up late swapping stories. Even warm drinks like coffee and hot cider may get jazzed up by dehydrating add-ins. Water and other hydrating fluids and foods can be key components in maintaining our body’s water balance throughout the holidays to keep our cells, metabolic functions, temperature regulation, joints, tendons, ligaments and more healthy and functioning well. Join in this community wellness chat facilitated by Wellness Director Kerry Howell and Nutrition and General Health Outreach Educator Jeremy Stewart for what is sure to be a lively, fun, and candid discussion around the topic of how to stay hydrated through the holidays. #StayHydrated

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