Virtual Commuter Challenge

Join Cornell Wellness for the Virtual Commuter Challenge. This week-long event is for you to challenge yourself to move more in your day and re-establish some boundaries between work-life and life-life. Wellness staff challenge you to carve out time before your workday begins to move your body, perhaps what your active commute to work used to look like. You might choose a short walk or roll in your chair or on your bike. Or, maybe you’d rather choose to do a short Yoga workout or take a virtual group fitness class through Cornell Wellness or CFC. Then, at the end of your workday do a little more activity, as if you were actively commuting home. Maybe you choose to do some stretching after your last meeting or you take the dog or the kids for a walk to end your workday. Along the way you will be given pro tips and support for making this behavior change via emails on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At the end of the week you will be asked to report in with what you did for activities that bookended your workdays and your reflections on how it went. Questions? Contact Ruth Merle-Doyle, #MoveMore

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