STAC Your Wellness for LVTs

STAC Your Wellness = Small, Tangible Actions Change Your Wellness

You want to prioritize wellbeing to feel better, but it feels overwhelming, there’s not enough hours in the day, you feel stuck and motivation is nowhere to be found. We hear you!

Good news!  No matter how challenged you feel, this can be your moment for a wellbeing reset while you STAC Your Wellness.

Why STAC Your Wellness?

Research shows that small, achievable steps towards behavior change, stacked up, over time, are more likely to yield enduring habits, contributing to long-term wellbeing. All you need is a willingness to try one small new action.  

Who should STAC their Wellness?

Anyone! That’s part of the beauty of this idea. It can take seconds to do and no money or special abilities are required.  We would like to offer this protocol to the Vet Techs of CVM as a way to take steps to care for yourself during your worktime and beyond. This is not just a wellness challenge. It’s a completely doable way to change how and when you care for yourself, starting now and lasting well into your future.

How to STAC Your Wellness:  

  • Three common facets of wellbeing relate to matters of the body, mind, and heart. Which one do you feel most compelled to pay attention to right now? You may think you want to tackle them all – and you can!  But at first, choose just one.
  • Within your chosen facet, ask yourself: What is one little, reasonable action you can commit to doing nearly every day?  Simple suggestions for each facet are listed below. Pick one or develop one of your own. To start, choose something new and easy, that you want to do, even on your craziest day.
  • Make a promise to yourself to perform your chosen action nearly every day. Put it on your Outlook schedule, set a reminder on your phone, put a Post-It note on your mirror, tell someone close to you, commit to it publicly - whatever will help you be successful.
  • Consider an accountability partner (perhaps a fellow LVT!) and agree to try the same action. Check in with one another on a regular basis to talk about what’s working and/or how you feel. You’ll keep each other on track and create connection – a wellbeing win/win!
  • At the end of two weeks reflect on your action. How do you feel? Were you consistent? Were there hurdles that got in your way? If the action you took worked and made you feel better, keep it and add on another STAC action, ideally from a different facet of wellbeing. If the action you chose didn’t stick, don’t worry. Simply try again and set yourself up for success a with a new action.

To view STAC action items to give a try and tips for sucess, you can click on the pdf version or the Word version of the full STAC handout.


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