The BUZZ on Summer of 2022 Employee Appreciation

Take some time, just for you, during our Summer of 2022 Employee Appreciation Time. Consider activities that bring you joy like having lunch with a friend, taking a hike or having a forest bath, playing games with your kids or Frisbee with your dog, or just reading a good book in a hammock. These little luxuries might be just out of reach at other times, so harness the time and enjoy yourself.

Here’s how some of our Cornell colleagues plan to spend their time:

“Do to scheduling adjustments in my department, I will be able to take a three whole Friday’s off due to the Summer Appreciation 2022 time. I am planning on using one of those Fridays, along with the day that I received for volunteering for commencement weekend to visit a sister in Plattsburgh NY that I have never met. I discovered this sister while I was researching my ancestry through DNA. We have talked by phone, but haven’t had a chance to meet each other in person due to the pandemic.”  Brian Goodell, Building Care

“Before enjoying extra time on Fridays with my dog, Archie, I am going to recharge by volunteering at the Special Olympics.”  Jessica Withers, ILR Catherwood Library

“I am planning to use my time to get my weekend chores done…mow the lawn, laundry, weed the garden, etc. This will allow me to have real weekends! Chore-free Saturday and Sundays to meet friends, hike, day trip, explore…enjoy!”  Debra Howell, Cornell IT

“I plan to spend my summer appreciation time helping my mom out with things she needs to get done around the house.”  Joel Brown, Facilities

“I am excited to use this time to get back into reading. Ever since I started my full time position in January, it has felt like a struggle to sit down and read during my free time.  I’m so grateful for this extra time on Fridays to decompress on my porch with a good book, and to get the habit in motion again."  Todd Webster, Physical Education

“Trail running Friday afternoons with my dog Cali.”  Kerry Howell, Cornell Wellness

"I plan to spend time with my husband and friends enjoying the outdoors.”  Jen Gudaz, Cornell Recreation and PE




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