Healthy Living Program

Cornell Wellness offers opportunities for physical fitness and social experiences, geared towards individuals who are age 50 and over, that are appropriate for every size, shape, and ability. These offerings are great for individuals who are first starting a fitness program, have gone through joint replacement, experience lingering joint pain or arthritis from injury, have differing physical abilities, those who want to improve their balance, fitness, overall well-being and more.

Our group fitness classes and social programs embody our vision of inclusion, offer participants individualized attention to be successful, and promote an environment of camaraderie and personal success. Any current Wellness Recreation Member may participate. The group fitness classes have start and end dates; but you can join at any time.

Wellness' Healthy Living Fitness Consultations
The initial Fitness Consultation is a great way to get started with the Healthy Living Program! It typically lasts about 1 hour. During that time, you and a certified personal trainer will discuss your fitness goals and options. Based on your goals, a personalized exercise plan will be developed. This plan may include the details of how and when you will exercise. The initial Fitness Consultation can include a tour of the facility and an explanation of how to access the various perks associated with your Wellness Recreation Membership. To schedule a fitness consultation contact Keri Johnson by email

Stay Up To Date On What's Happening With Wellness' Healthy Living Program
Lectures, workshops, social events, group fitness class announcements (and cancellations) and more are shared through this communication e-list. Email Keri Johnson at to request to be added to this e-list. 

Wellness' Healthy Living Group Fitness Classes

  • Wellness' Healthy Living group fitness class offerings are currently all virtual and require you to have an active 1-Year Wellness Recreation Membership to access them. Many will remain virtual, while a few will resume on-campus during the Spring semester. If you do not have a membership, please visit the Purchasing A Wellness Recreation Mebership page to learn how to join.
    • To Access the group fitness classes, please contact Keri Johnson to be added to Wellness' Healthy Living Program communication e-list. If you are already on this e-list, you will receive the links to access the live group fitness classes provided through Zoom. View printable versions of Summer 2022 schedule (PDF version; docx version). The Summer schedule runs from June 6-August 12, 2022.
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Recorded Healthy Living Program Group Fitness classes

Wellness' Healthy Living Fitness Testing
One of the great benefits Cornell Wellness offers our Wellness Recreation Members is physical fitness testing in a group setting for older adults. This group test follows the Fullerton Functional Fitness Test protocols as well as the NASM Squat Assessment, Trunk Rotation, and Reach Test. The tests are well-researched, recognized internationally, and provide a picture of the overall strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination, balance, and posture of adults aged 60 years old and up. Cornell Wellness believes in the social benefits of exercise and provides the testing in a group atmosphere that is non-competitive and fun. You must have a current Wellness Recreational Membership to participate.

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