Healthy Living Program

This program offers opportunities for physical fitness, individualized consultations, educational sessions, social community building experiences, and workshops focused on healing that are geared towards individuals who are age 50 and over. Offerings are inclusive and all are encouraged to attend. The low to moderate intensity physical fitness offerings are great for individuals who are first starting a fitness program, have gone through joint replacement, experience lingering joint pain or arthritis from injury, have differing physical abilities, those who want to improve their balance, fitness, overall wellness and more.

Our group fitness classes, education, social, and healing offerings embody our vision of inclusion, offer participants individualized attention to be successful, and promote an environment of camaraderie, exploration, and personal success. Any current 1-year Wellness Recreation Member may participate. The group fitness classes have start and end dates; but you can join at any time.

Stay Up To Date On What's Happening With Wellness' Healthy Living Program
Lectures, workshops, social events, group fitness class announcements (and cancellations) and more are shared through this communication e-list. Email Keri Johnson at to request to be added to this e-list. 

Wellness' Healthy Living Group Fitness Classes

Workshops Focused On Healing
New Offering! Sound Healing
Cornell Wellness' Healthy Living Program is excited to announce the addition of a new Healing element to its current line-up. The first Healing offering is Sound Healing. Read more about it and register below. Questions? Email Keri Johnson, program coordinator.

  • Mondays, noon-1:00pm, October 3-November 7, Helen Newman Hall classroom
  • Must have a Wellness Recreation Membership. Max registrants = 20
  • Register here for Sound Healing

Sound healing uses audible sound vibrations to improve health and reduce physical and mental tension. It bestows a feeling of calmness using the harp, chimes, tuning forks, singing bowls, gong, and percussion instruments. This type of healing practice has been associated with multiple health benefits. In addition to sound, sessions include guided meditation and breathwork. Yoga mats, blankets, and props for maximum comfort will be provided, or you may bring your own if you'd like. We recommend bringing an eye pillow or eye cover for personal use as well.
About the instructor: Maureen Alexander is certified in sound healing, meditation, and aroma acupoint therapy with a background in dance and massage therapy. She is also a licensed acupuncturist. She has been practicing Chinese medicine for over 10 years and is currently pursuing her doctorate through Pacific College of Health and Science.

Wellness' Healthy Living Fitness Consultations
The initial Fitness Consultation is a great way to get started with the Healthy Living Program! It typically lasts about 1 hour. During that time, you and a certified personal trainer will discuss your fitness goals and options. Based on your goals, a personalized exercise plan will be developed. This plan may include the details of how and when you will exercise. The initial Fitness Consultation can include a tour of the facility and an explanation of how to access the various perks associated with your Wellness Recreation Membership. To schedule a fitness consultation contact Keri Johnson by email

Recorded Healthy Living Program Group Fitness Classes