Healthy Living Program - Instructor Bio's

Keri Johnson - has been involved in the health and wellness industry for 16 years. She holds an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences and Integrated Health Care. Keri is also a licensed massage therapist and Registered Kripalu Yoga teacher. She has certifications in; Personal Training, Aromatherapy, Stott Pilates, Tact Fit Commando, Shock Wave and Escape Functional Fitness. Her love for teaching group fitness shines through during her classes, where she applies her expertise, experience and sense of humor!

Lisa Tsetse - has trained in the Iyengar Yoga tradition since 1985 and is a certified teacher in the tradition. Her classes are an immersion in the process of self-discovery through developing clarity and resilience as resources for personal development. Lisa currently teaches yoga for Cornell University's Fitness and Wellness programs, Longview Ithacare community and at Fine Spirit Studio. She also maintains a private bodywork practice and offers yoga sessions for individuals of all ages and abilities. Learn more about Lisa at her website:

Kimberly Yan - was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. She explored dance briefly in her life, but has always been involved in fitness, health and sports. She has been teaching Barre fitness for 4 years and has enjoyed observing the progress of improvement in her clients as well seeing them lead healthier, more well balanced lives.

Debbie Bannister - a participant in water fitness classes for 16 years, decided to share her love of the class to help others reach their fitness goals. She became AEA certified in 2011, and has been teaching water fitness classes for the last year. Recently retired from her full-time administrative job at Cornell, she looks forward to branching out to other styles of group fitness certifications. When not teaching, Debbie enjoys gardening, reading, swimming, and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Jennifer Lovell - I was drawn to movement in early childhood with dance, and then later I developed an interest in athletics. After choosing to pursue dance full time in college, I moved to NYC for the performing opportunities, culture and adventure. While supporting myself financially through waiting tables paid the bills, it was physically exhausting when combined with dance training and performing. I branched out and went to school for a summer at NYU to obtain my Personal Training Certification. New York being what it was, I had no problem finding clients and gyms that were in need of my services. This experience opened the door to many other modalities of study and training for human movement, and I went on to earn Certifications in CrossFit, Restorative and Traditional Yoga, Pilates and Reiki Energy Healing. This lifelong path of learning has afforded me the ability to work closely with individuals and groups, incorporating a holistic view of health and fitness. In training and teaching, I try to meet someone where they are at on a given day, and work from there to find the best way to approach challenges and obstacles. This is truly my life’s passion and absolutely my favorite part of being a Coach, Instructor and Trainer.