Functional Movement Screen

In fitness, the term “functional” refers to movements that are typical of daily life such as a push, pull, squat, lunge, rotation, hinge and locomotion. When these essential movements become problematic, injuries, imbalances, stiffness, pain and much more can occur. Cornell Wellness offers the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), a tool used to identify an individual’s risk for musculoskeletal injury through functional movements. The FMS tool involves meeting with a fitness professional in our private lab in Helen Newman Hall to go through seven movement assessments that are designed to identify strength and functional imbalances. This movement screening is followed by a discussion of appropriate and corrective exercises that you can begin to start improving your functional movement patterns. This screening will offers insights into keeping your body running like a well-oiled machine as you progress toward your physical goals. Plan on 60 minutes for the seven movement assessments plus discussion. Please arrive in comfortable workout clothing.

To schedule an appointment contact Cornell Wellness by email ( or phone (607) 255-5133. The Functional Movement Screen is available to Wellness Recreation Members only.

Please note: If you are a student please see options available to you on the CFC member education site.