Short Duration Group Exercise Workshops

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Deadlift Workshop - March 30, 12:30-1:30 PM, in Teagle Down fitness center. Register here. Want to learn how to do deadlifts correctly or improve on form? Deadlifts are an exercise that improves whole body strength and posture. Correct form and technique are keys to reaping all the benefits of the deadlift, so proper instruction is very important! This workshop will focus on form, technique, strength gain, and basic guidelines for safely and effectively incorporating deadlifts into your workout routine. Suitable for beginners to advanced and all fitness level. Max - 8 participants.

Strengthen Your Core To Prevent Back Pain - April 20 & 27 (must attend both days), 1:30-2:30 PM, Helen Newman Hall classroom. Register here. This is a core training class with a special emphasis on alleviating and/or preventing mild recurring low back pain. You will progress through basic movements designed to improve your posture, dynamic core stability, body awareness and muscular balance as well as stability. In the end you will have gained both the knowledge and ability for a better core which will not only improve a weekend warrior athlete's performance but it will help in your everyday life. A stronger core makes you more efficient at all things you do. This class is not appropriate for people with back pain caused by herniated/bulging discs or those with moderate to severe current low back pain. Sessions instructed by TJ Massaro, Wellness staff and certified strength & conditioning specialist. This is a 2-part class - you must be able to attend both days. Max - 10 participants.