Community Wellness Chat: Up Your Game In Sleep

Sleep routine messed up due to Daylight Savings? It's the Perfect time to create a personalized pre-sleep routine to up your game in the sleep department.

  • November 2, noon-1:00pm
  • provided through Zoom live
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This time of the year can really throw a wrench in our sleeping patterns. Setting the clocks back and longer nights have a deep impact on our circadian rhythms. Because your pre-sleep routine is already going to be messed up by Daylight Savings, it might be the perfect time to re-think your current pre-sleep rituals and try some different things to establish a new and improved pre-sleep routine for yourself. When sleep starts to become an issue, whether it’s falling asleep or not being able to stay asleep, it can start to take a physical, mental, and emotional toll within our bodies. We’re aware of the cognitive repercussions troubled sleep can cause such as problems focusing and problem solving, feeling sluggish or in a fog, having less energy, and more. Some of the greatest recovery periods for our bodies actually occur while we’re sleeping, so if we’re looking to perform at our best whether it’s on the field or in the boardroom not sleeping well can be problematic. Over time, sleep disturbances can also have negative impacts on our immune systems and hormones that control our metabolic functions, potentially contributing to additional longer term health challenges. Join Wellness Director Kerry Howell and Wellness’ Nutrition and Health Outreach Educator, Jeremy Stewart for a community conversation where together we’ll be discussing some common sleep struggles that many of us face and some ideas for remedying these troubles through improving and enhancing pre-sleep routines so that they can be put to bed. Join the conversation to connect with others and to learn from Kerry and Jeremy about several strategies you can start trying right away that have been shown to have positive effects on sleep quality and quantity. #SleepHygiene

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