Cornell Wellness Collaborates With The Cornell Hip Hop Collection And DJ ha-MEEN

Background Information:

Established in 2007, the Cornell Hip Hop Collection preserves more than 250,000 items across dozens of archives documenting the origins of Hip Hop culture and its spread around the globe. Ben Ortiz has been the curator of the collection for the last ten years and is also known as DJ ha-MEEN, on the music scene. This spring semester, Cornell Wellness has collaborated with Ben and the Hip Hop Collection, to bring more music and movement into your lives.


Hip Hop & Health
Cornell Wellness interviews Ben Ortiz about where Hip Hop came from, how Hip Hop has affected communities' physical and mental health, and the history of how song lyrics have had an impact on removing the stigma that surrounds health issues especially in Hip Hop communities.
Watch the interview with Ben Ortiz here
This video is also being released along with Black History Month and can be accessed through the page Cornell Wellness Celebrates Black History Month.

​Hip Hop & Historical Roots Listening Party
Join Ben Ortiz, curator from The Cornell Hip Hop Collection and professional DJ, as he spins Hip Hop music and the roots music where it all started from. DJ ha-MEEN will provide historical information and important facts about how these songs and lyrics impacted and expanded Hip Hop culture and community. It's a great way to ease out of your day!

Let the Music Play! DJ ha-MEEN will be playing your favorite tunes from the past to the present, all the feel-good jams you'll want to listen to. Get up and move your body, while getting in those steps. Melt the stress away as you feel the beat. Sidestep while making dinner, dance in the mirror, grab the family, grab the pets, and get down with your bad self. If you're working and in a Zoom meeting, turn off your camera and put yourself on mute, then start grooving!
Mark your calendars: 

  • Friday, March 12, from 6:30pm-8:30pm
  • Friday, April 16, from 6:30pm-8:30pm
  • Register Here for one or both dance parties to receive the zoom links to live music

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