Department Offerings

Cornell Wellness staff are available to provide workshops, lectures, clinics, and demos on many different topics to your department by request. These offerings typically run about 60 minutes, although some can be shortened. Submit questions and requests to

Workshop/Lecture Topics

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Alternative Modalities And Their Benefits
  • Wellness: Beyond The Fitness Centers
  • Self-Management In Times Of Increased Stress
  • De-Stress Desk Stretches
  • Life Coaching - What Is It? (eliciting your best thinking for making a behavior change)
  • Top 10 Ways To Stay Motivated (or Get Motivated) To Exercise
  • General Nutrition/Healthy Eating
  • Smart Eating For Busy Families - Meal Planning Tips And Tricks
  • Exercising When Your Schedule Is Nuts! How to fit it in and what really counts?
  • How To Incorporate More Wellness Activities During The Work Day

Clinics/Cooking Demos

  • Blood Pressure Clinic - free individual, confidential , blood pressure checks (15 minutes)
  • Knife Skills Interactive Cooking Demo
  • Healthy Snacks Cooking Demo
  • Seasonal Produce Cooking Demo
  • Make-Ahead Lunch Wraps Cooking Demo
  • Individual and Private - Life Coaching Sessions (30-60 minutes)