Wellness For Your Department

Cornell Wellness staff are available to provide workshops, lectures, clinics, and demos on many different topics to your department, unit or division by request. Most offerings run 30-60 minutes. A minimum of 10 registrants are requested but exceptions can be made. Workshops provided in-person or through Zoom. Submit requests and questions to wellness@cornell.edu.

On-Demand Department Work For Spring 2023

Reset, Recharge, Refocus: How Can Wellness Support You
Learn about the many ways Cornell Wellness can help you re-fill your wellness cup. Wellness staff will share with you the many opportunities and services Wellness provides not only for you individually but for your department as well. Hear about the pillars of physical wellness and much more. You’ll leave this workshop feeling confident that you have the skills and support to be successful with your physical wellness.

Fitness Fact Check
Information is easier than ever to access in our online world, but how do we know what information is accurate? For example, have you wondered if it is true that lifting heavy weights makes you less flexible or if squats are bad for your knees? Join wellness staff to debunk five persistent fitness myths. We'll cover their origins, why they stick around, and up-to-date research findings. Curious about something we didn’t cover? Ask us on the spot. You'll leave this workshop with the knowledge to feel more confident making the best fitness choices that are right for you.

Stretching Session for Your Team – Customized To Your Team!
Join fitness professionals from Wellness for an interactive moment to stretch and refresh with your team. Prior to the session, Wellness will survey your group to understand where people are most tense and uneasy, then offer a customized, unique stretching session to meet your team’s needs. You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, and also have tools to use on your own.

Mindfulness Meditation for Your Team
Join a wellness facilitator for a mindfulness moment, customized just for your group. The theme or tone can be chosen to meet your needs. For example, you might want a sip and relax session, or a breath focused meditation, or a session to invoke reflection and many more. We will spend about 20-30 minutes practicing mindfulness as a way to recharge in the moment. You will be given resources, tips and suggestions to take with you so your team can begin a mindfulness practice of their own.

Get A Quick Fix Of Wellness
Experience 4 quick and easy wellness techniques that bring instant relaxation, stress reduction, and joy to yourself and your work team. You will be guided through each of these techniques by a wellness expert.

  • 5 min Spreading positive thoughts
  • 5 min Guided progressive muscle relaxation
  • 5 min Self-massage for the typically cranky spots
  • 5 min What brings you joy

Exercises to Improve Posture While Working Hybrid
Have you found yourself working from both a home environment and office environment? Do you find yourself having a “make-shift” work station in your living room, dining room, attic, etc? Chances are these make-shift work stations still aren't as ergonomically correct for our bodies as our office work stations. Switching back and forth between them to work in this hybrid fashion, you may be experiencing an uptick in discomfort and strain on your postural muscles. Join Cornell Wellness for this workshop where you will experience how to strengthen and stretch your major postural muscles to decrease discomfort and improve posture.

Coping When Work and Life Ramp Up 
When work and life demands get hard, how do you handle it? In this workshop we'll go over some of the best practices of how to manage when work and life situations may not temporarily be ideal. We will talk about what to do in those moments when it feels like you are in the heat of it all, including relaxation tips to help you keep your cool. Resource information for additional Cornell departments that can be helpful during challenging times will also be provided.