Wellness For Your Department

Cornell Wellness staff are available to provide workshops, lectures, clinics, and demos on many different topics to your department by request. Most offerings run 30-60 minutes. A minimum of 10 registrants are required. Cooking/food demos cost approximately $50 (this fee covers the cost of food and is directly billed to the department). Submit requests and questions to wellness@cornell.edu.

Department Work For Fall 2019

  • Unkink and Unwind: Are you feeling sore from being at your desk all day? Join Cornell Wellness to learn stretching and self-massage techniques that you can practice right at your desk to combat aches and pains resulting from being idle throughout your day.
  • Turning Your Side Salad Into a Meal: Participants will get hands on experience on how and why to transform their garden salad in a robust meal! (Departments need to pay for the cost of the food supplies.)
  • Creating a Healthy Smoothie: Interactive cooking demo showing participants how to improve the nutrition of the ever-favorite smoothie! (Departments need to pay for the cost of the food supplies.)
  • Mason Jar Meal Prepping Interactive Cooking Demo: Make and take breakfast and lunch in this interactive cooking demo. Participants will learn the basics of meal prepping and make pumpkin spice overnight oats and mason jar salads. (Departments need to pay for the cost of the food supplies.)
  • Taking a Break for Your Wellbeing: Join Cornell Wellness to learn how and why taking a break during your workday can increase productivity as well as offer moments of personal wellbeing. You will try out office stretches and strength exercises as part of this workshop.
  • Creating Your Own Exercise Program: Are you wanting to get into a routine at a fitness center but just not sure where to get started? Join Cornell Wellness to learn the techniques and benefits of creating your own exercise routine.
  • Mindfulness for Stress Reduction: Take a moment for yourself to discover peace through mindfulness. During this workshop, you gain the ability to learn how to relax by identifying and building resilience toward stress. Cornell Wellness will introduce you to meditation, body scans and gentle yoga, leaving you feeling renewed for the rest of your day.
  • Technology & Workplace Wellbeing and Self-Care: This workshop includes a presentation and small group discussions on the emerging hot topic of the pros and cons of being connected to technology all of the time and what it means for our own personal wellbeing and self-care. As part of the workshop you'll be guided through a self-reflective activity that focuses on re-filling your reserves that become depleted when you're constantly “on.” Time for connecting and sharing your thoughts and ideas with one another will be provided.
  • Turning your 15-minute break into a workout!: If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram or checking out FaceBook during your workday break, and want something more, join Cornell Wellness for workshop on how to make a break an efficient workday workout without even leaving your office space. You will move during this workshop with elements of stretching, strength and mild cardio.
  • Creating a Culture of Wellbeing – Starting the Semester Off on the Right Foot: Participants will look at wellbeing from both an individual and systemic angle. Learn strategies for shifting their unit's culture to one that includes improved wellbeing.