Wellness For Your Department

Cornell Wellness staff are available to provide workshops, lectures, clinics, and demos on many different topics to your department by request. Most offerings run 30-60 minutes. A minimum of 10 registrants are required. Cooking/food demos cost approximately $50 (this fee covers the cost of food and is directly charged to the department). Submit requests and questions to wellness@cornell.edu.

Department Work For Spring 2020

Plant Based Nutrition – Getting Started!
Find out the basics of plant based nutrition and expand your herbivore insights. Rule number one: Eat More Vegetables! Whether you're interested in going plant based for improvement of your health, your personal ethics or the environment, this workshop will cover proper nutrition information to keep in mind, how best to get started and how to make plant based nutrition work best for you.

Exercising in Winter…When I Hate the Cold
Even though winter is cold, there are still many options to stay active. Join Cornell Wellness to talk through and try strategies to keep you active and warm while cold winter winds blow. We will cover ideas and advantages for changing gears and fitness focus when the temperatures drop. We will also discuss how to still be outside and comfortable while exercising in the elements.

4-Week Meditation Series
Mindfulness meditation is a technique to slow the mind, calm the body and enhance brain development. There are numerous benefits with taking time to be mindful; reduced stress, increased productivity and energy, pain management and increased immune function, and more. Over the course of 4 weeks, you'll experience different styles of mindfulness, how to incorporate them into your life and available resources both on and off campus. The first class is 60 minutes and the other three classes are 30 minutes.

Mindfulness for Stress Reduction
Take a moment for yourself to discover peace through mindfulness. During this workshop, you gain the ability to learn how to relax by identifying and building resilience toward stress. Cornell Wellness will introduce you to meditation, body scans and gentle yoga, leaving you feeling renewed for the rest of your day.

Personal Care is Both Personal and Professional Growth
Learn simple ways to empower your best self at work and home. Following a resilience pyramid model, you’ll learn strategies to help you keep stress in check while making conscious choices to establish and hold boundaries so that you can create and maintain a sense of work-life balance allowing you to continually recharge, develop and find joy and meaning at both work and home.

Optimizing Mental Health Through Fitness And Nutrition
Attend this workshop to learn about connections between your physical wellness and your mental health. Taking steps towards a healthy lifestyle can play an important role in the health of your mind as well as your body. You'll leave with tips on how you can support your mental health through fitness and nutrition practices.

What is the Best Diet For Me?
With all the nutrition trends circulating in the media, how do we know how to choose the BEST diet? Join Cornell Wellness for a workshop provides you with nutrition knowledge to make healthy decisions when it comes to the food you eat everyday. Walk away from this workshop feeling confident to go out and build your own “diet.”

Turning Your 15-minute Break Into a Workout – Beginner Edition!
If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram or checking out FaceBook during your workday break, and want something more, join Cornell Wellness for workshop on how to make a break an efficient workday workout without even leaving your office space. You will move during this workshop with elements of stretching, strength and mild cardio.

Creating a Healthy Smoothie
Interactive cooking demo showing participants how to improve the nutrition of the ever-favorite smoothie! (Departments will be charged for the cost of the food supplies. This is typically $30 for every 10 people. Minimum of 10 people required.)

Options for Overnight Oats – Triple O!
Join Cornell Wellness for an interactive, hands-on overnight oats workshop. You will get to try a few novel “flavors” of overnight oats and rift on making your own, unique recipe. You will leave with a mason jar of oats for tomorrow morning! (Departments will be charged for the cost of the food supplies. Minimum of 10 people required.)

Available Beginning Mid-March:
Meal Planning Ideas in 2020!
Join Cornell Wellness to discuss modern meal planning. We’ll discuss where to find meal ideas, how to make the most of your groceries, what you might add to your list for a big nutrition benefit, how to get your food in the best way for you, and of course, how to bring it all together to meet your household needs!

HIIT at Home
Thinking about strength training, but not interested in being in a fitness center? Join Cornell Wellness to learn how to create your own High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) strength workout you can perform with little to no equipment and at any location.