Wellness For Your Department

Currently available virtually through Zoom.

Cornell Wellness staff are available to provide workshops, lectures, clinics, and demos on many different topics to your department, unit or division by request. Most offerings run 30-60 minutes. A minimum of 10 registrants are required. Submit requests and questions to wellness@cornell.edu.

Department Work For Spring/Summer 2021

Adding Wellness Rituals to Your Day - Finding Your Inspiration
Healthy habits and behaviors can improve your health, boost your energy, help your mind ease and make you feel good for taking care of yourself. But where to start?  How to fit it into your busy day? And, what gives you a bang for your buck? Join Cornell Wellness to talk through tangible, practical ideas for ritual self-care in a non-judgmental, accepting workshop. Topics we will cover include moving more, eating healthy, improving sleep, seeking gratitude and more.

“Time Confetti” – How to Use it Wisely for Wellness
You can use moments when you have a few minutes here and a few minutes there (time confetti) for “nutritious” wellness activities. During this workshop, we will discuss how to use short durations to do things like move your body, refresh your noisy mind, prepare healthy food and more. Tangible wellness ideas and organizational concepts will be shared.

Stretching Session for Your Team – Customized for Your Team!
Join fitness professionals from Wellness for an interactive moment to stretch and refresh with your team. Prior to the session, Wellness will survey your group to understand where people are most tense and uneasy, then offer a customized, unique stretching session to meet your team’s needs. You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, and also have tools to use on your own.

Exercise “Snacks” Throughout Your Workday
Finding it hard to get traditional exercise in to your day? Learn how very small bouts of every day movement can combat the effects of sitting too long, start to improve your health and your physical condition. Exercise snacking, in as little as minute increments, could be a good the start of a beautiful, healthy habit! (This is an interactive workshop with some movement.)

7 Essential Movements For People Who Sit All Day
(focus is on movements to combat neck, shoulder, wrist, back, and hip discomfort) 
Do you find yourself sitting for long periods of time, maybe not in the ideal position? Many work stations have changed to work from home stations. Also, for many, the nature of work has changed to longer hours devoted to Zoom meetings and time spent on a laptop or other device. If you’re noticing tension and mild discomfort in your neck, shoulder, wrist, hand, back, and hips, this is the perfect workshop to request. Together, we’ll go through seven very specific exercises that you can do to start easing the tension and discomfort building up in these areas. 

Exercises to Improve Posture While Working Remote
Over the past few months, several of us were forced to turn our home environment into our work environment. This hasn’t been ideal for many reasons, but one in particular is the “make-shift” work stations we’ve made up in our living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, attics, etc. Chances are these work stations haven’t been as ergonomically correct as our office settings. This has led to an uptick in pain and weakening in our postural muscles. Join Cornell Wellness for this workshop where we will dive into how to strengthen our major postural muscles and decrease our risk for musculoskeletal injuries due to poor posture. 

Quick and Easy Healthy Snacking
One of the biggest pieces to creating, maintaining, and sustaining healthy eating habits is learning how to add healthy snacking into your diet. Not only will proper healthy snacking techniques provide you with the satiety you need to get you through to the next meal, it is also an excellent opportunity, if done properly, to provide your body with an abundance of necessary nutrients. Join Cornell Wellness for this workshop to learn how to exchange those high calorie, high fat snacks for lower calorie nutrient dense foods to optimize health. 

Maintaining Your Resilience Through Personal Choices
The only constant right now seems to be constant change. Being resilient in this landscape of continuous tremors under foot will allow us to get knocked a bit off kilter for a short period and then come back to center and upright. Allow yourself, through this workshop, to be reminded of the things that help you to maintain your resilience.  

4 Quick Ways To Enhance Your Mental Wellness
Take time to take care of yourself! This session will introduce you to proven and effective methods that will improve your mental wellness quickly. Learning how to address your mental wellness with positive coping mechanisms, is a positive step in the right direction. Join Wellness staff for this one-hour experience where you will learn how to incorporate multiple easy practices into your personal life. 

Kick-Start to Mindfulness Practice
This kick-start workshop is good fit for any group interested in mindfulness or meditation, but perhaps too apprehensive, too busy or too skeptical to try. A Wellness facilitator will lead you through an exploration of different methods of mindfulness like breath work, guided relaxation, listening mediation, loving kindness meditation and more. During this winter pandemic, if you are looking for tools to bring a little sliver of peace to any moment of your day, then this is the workshop for you and your team. This is a 4-part workshop where the first session will be about 40 minutes, then all others are 30 minutes in duration.

Mindfulness for Stress Reduction
Take a moment for yourself to discover peace through mindfulness. During this workshop, you’ll gain the ability to learn how to relax by identifying and building resilience toward stress. Wellness staff will introduce you to meditation, body scans and gentle yoga, leaving you feeling renewed for the rest of your day.

Mindfulness Meditation for Your Team
Join a wellness facilitator for a mindfulness moment, customized just for your group. The theme or tone can be chosen to meet your needs. For example, you might want a sip and relax session, or a breath focused meditation, or a session to invoke reflection and many more. We will spend about 20-30 minutes practicing mindfulness as a way to recharge in the moment. You will be given resources, tips and suggestions to take with you so your team can begin a mindfulness practice of their own.

Coping When Work and Life Ramp Up
When work and life demands get hard, how do you handle it? In this workshop we'll go over some of the best practices of how to manage when work and life situations may not temporarily be ideal. We will talk about what to do in those moments when it feels like you are in the heat of it all, including relaxation tips to help you keep your cool. Resource information for additional Cornell departments that can be helpful during challenging times will also be provided.

Creating a Climate and Culture of Wellness
Getting started with or re-committing yourself to Wellness doesn't have to be complicated on either a personal or professional level. This workshop will help you identify the basics of wellness and well-being, along with the pillars of health & wellness so that you can quickly and easily begin to incorporate them into your day. We will focus on both individual and workplace wellness and well-being, sharing ideas and strategies to help you and your work team make a positive impact on your own life as well as those who surround you.