Destined For A Destination

A Wellness Experience to get you moving, get you outdoors, and get you connected with your environment

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How this Wellness Experience works:
Register for Destined For A Destination to get motivated to be physically active, and feel connected to others in the Cornell community, as we head from fall into winter. Wellness staff will provide you with two themes for outdoor destinations each Monday, beginning November 15, for 3 consecutive weeks. For example you would receive a message like this, "One of your destinations for this week is an outdoor garden and the other is an outdoor Athletic field". You can pick either themed destination that interests you most, then walk, run, roll or ride (bike) there. Take a picture of yourself and/or your destination and post it to the Cornell Wellness Facebook page or tag us in Instagram. Alternatively, you can email the photo to Kerry at and she will post them for you. Staff, faculty, retirees, students, and their spouses/partners are all welcome to participate in this wellness experience. There is no need to be a Wellness/CFC member to participate or to be on the Cornell Ithaca campus. 


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