Coping With Election Week - Special Wellness Workshops

  • Monday, November 2- Friday, November 6
  • Register here for one or more of the workshops below

For so many reasons, fall 2020 is unlike anything we have ever experienced. Acknowledging how stressful our upcoming election is for many of us, Cornell Wellness will facilitate daily events including mindfulness meditation and de-stress stretching workshops to help you cope with physical, mental and emotional strain during the first week of November.

Monday, Nov 2 at 3 pm: Meditation for Mental and Physical Relaxation
Join Ruth Merle-Doyle for a 30 minute guided meditation to ease the tension of the mind and body. All levels of experience welcome, especially beginner or anyone who feels stressed to their limits.

Tuesday, Nov 3 at 9 am: Meditation for Riding Out the Storm
Join this meditation, provided by Kerry Howell, on election day, to claim a few moments of self-care to re-ground yourself and find a sense of peace and calm in the eye of a storm.

Wednesday, Nov 4 at noon: De-Stress Desk Stretches
Join Jeremy Stewart from Cornell Wellness for an interactive zoom workshop where you will have the opportunity to relax some muscle groups and body areas that get cranky when we start to feel stressed. Take 30-minutes out of your day to move and release build up tension through a series stretches shown to help relax the mind and body. 

Thursday, Nov 5 at noon: Meditation for Acceptance
No matter your political affiliation, who won or lost, if you voted independent or with a primary party, here we are now. Right now, right here. Join Keri Johnson, Wellness & Fitness Specialist, to help bring you back to homeostasis. During this session, we will find our individual, new centers of existence, while internally identifying what we can control, and what we cannot. From there we will explore ways to alter, adapt, and accept these new times ahead.
Friday, Nov 6 at 1 pm: Compassion Meditation
Join Ruth Merle-Doyle for a 30-minute compassion meditation. We will use our time to focus on breath and softening of the body, mind and spirit while we use compassionate mantra to wish ourselves and others freedom from distress and anxiety. All levels of experience welcome, especially beginner or anyone who feels stressed to their limits.
Contact Ruth Merle-Doyle with any questions or concerns.

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