Fitness & Health Apps

These apps were submitted by the Cornell community. If you have a favorite app and would like it added to the list, please submit it to Kerry Howell for posting.


  • BellyBio. Cost: Free. Uses the motion sensor to aid in deep breathing. Very relaxing. Nice choice of music that rewards you for consistent, slow breathing. Provides a graph estimating your level of calmness.


  • NTC Fit. Cost: free from iTunes store. Your personal trainer anytime, anywhere. This app includes 90 + drills under four categories (get lean, get toned, get focused, get strong).
  • Instant Heart Rate. Cost: free. Uses the camera to estimate your heart rate from your finger.
  • Gym Finder. Cost: free. Useful for finding a gym while traveling.
  • Tabata Pro. Cost: $2.99. Can be used for many kinds of interval exercises. Tabata Songs can be purchased from iTunes or Amazon. $.99 per song; you can listen to samples at Amazon.

Food and Fitness Tracker

  • SparkPeople. Cost: free. Also available in the iTunes store, search for sparkpeople. Food and calorie tracker, fitness tracker, weigh in page and lots more. Available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android and Blackberry. They also have a great website and have a mobile version for any internet capable phone.
  • My Fitness Pal. Cost: free. Set a calorie limit and then track food daily. You can also track fitness using this app.
  • LoseIt! Cost: free. Works offline, synchs with online website as well.

Food Information

  • Fooducate. Cost: free. Uses barcode scanning function of camera on iThing. Requires a network connection. Provides nutrition information, suggests healthier alternatives, etc.

Food Tracking/Calorie Counting

  • Cost: free. It doesn't work offline, but it is free.
  • Calorie Counter powered by Cost: free. It syncs with your computer, tracks a lot of info (workouts, meals, daily weight, even has a barcode scanner to identify food).

Health & Water

  • Health & Water. Cost: free. Amusing free app that tracks your 8 glasses of water per day.

Menstrual Cycles

  • P Tracker. Cost: free for "lite" version. Tracks your cycle and predicts when it will start again. Graphs are given and the ability to track symptoms is available.

Weight & Body Fat Tracking

  • FatWatch. Cost: $4.99. Based on the weighted moving average popularized by The Hacker's Diet; tracks both weight and % body fat with a smoothing algorithm that helps you mentally through plateaus and temporary water gains. As long as your weight is below the trend line, it's going down, no matter what the fluctuations are.
  • True Weight. Like FatWatch but does not include % body fat. There is a "lite" free version too.