Form A Wellness Committee

Form A Wellness Committee Within Your work Unit/Department

Step 1: Establish a group of people within your work unit/department who will volunteer to serve on a Wellness committee

Step 2: Establish who will be a point person for the Wellness committee. This point person serves as the individual who will communicate back and forth with Cornell Wellness staff as needed.

Step 3: Let Cornell Wellness staff know that you have created a Wellness comittee in your work unit/department by having your point person email us at

Step 4: Send our Cornell Wellness survey link out to the staff in your work unit/department. This survey will provide Cornell Wellness staff with information on what the staff in your department are wanting as far as workshops, lectures, programming and demos. Have the Wellness committee point person notify us that you are using the survey; Cornell Wellness staff will then contact your point person with the survey results. Based on the survey results, Cornell Wellness staff can work with your Wellness committee to provide workshops, lectures, programming, demos, and more - to meet the specific needs/wants of the staff in your unit/department.

We look forward to serving you!