Pick A Healthy Habit Challenge

Runs June 8 through June 28

Join Cornell Wellness/Recreational Services and the Cornell Community for a 3-week event to foster a healthy, sustainable habit to improve your physical wellbeing.

This 3-week event is open to Cornell staff, faculty, retirees, students and their respective spouses/partners. You do not need to be a Wellness or CFC member to participate.

REGISTER HERE to participate in this 3-week event. Please register before 5pm on June 4.

It goes like this:

  • Participants choose one Healthy Habit to work on for 3 weeks
  • The 4 Healthy Habits you can choose from are:
    • Increasing your vegetable intake
    • Moving your body more
    • Improving your sleep behaviors
    • Exploring ways to manage your stress
  • Cornell Wellness staff will provide you with ideas, strategies, resources and more to help you foster and grow your new habit. Email communication a couple of times per week will be our primary mode of information delivery for these ideas, strategies, and resources.
  • You’ll be asked to report in once every week to share with us what you did and a reflection from the week.

This 3-week event is brought to you by Cornell Wellness and Recreational Services.


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Typically we offer prizes to participants who are randomly drawn as winners. However, during this time, the prize/s will need to be the self-satisfaction of knowing that you took steps towards a healthier you.


Q. How do I register? A. Register here

Q. When is the last day I can register? A. June 4th before 5pm

Q. Can I register for more than one Healthy Habit? A. Yes, you can, but we encourage you to just register for one so that you can focus your efforts and spend the time leaning into one Healthy Habit

Q. Can my spouse or partner register? A. Yes, spouses and partners of Cornell staff, faculty, retirees, and students are encouraged to register and participate

Q. Do I need to have a Wellness membership or CFC membership to participate? A. No, there is no membership needed to participate and no fees

Q. Do I need to live or work in Ithaca to participate? A. You can participate from any location around the globe

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