Hydration Challenge

  • Runs September 21-22

Hydration is a key day-to-day activity that is commonly overlooked and super important in terms of keeping our bodies functioning at optimal levels. Participate in Cornell Wellness' 2-day hydration challenge to learn just how important keeping your body hydrated is, what foods and beverages keep you hydrated, and what hydration levels you should be maintaining everyday. All you need to do to participate is on day 1(September 21) read Wellness Director, Kerry Howell's blog article, "How to Stay Hydrated." After reading the article, come up with a plan for day 2 on how much your body needs to stay hydrated, and what foods and beverages you can consume to reach your personalized goal. On day 2 take a picture of some of the foods/beverages you plan on eating/drinking and post it to the Cornell Wellness Facebook page, your personal Instagram, or send it to the Wellness email (wellness@cornell.edu) with #StayHydrated. If you have questions about this challenge or how to participate, contact Wellness staff Jeremy Stewart.

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