Let's Meditate With Wellness

  • Thursdays, 9-9:30am, running February 11-March 25 w/Kerry Howell; running April 1-May 27 w/Ruth Merle-Doyle
  • Register here for this series of weekly meditations. Once registered, you will receive the access link that will allow you to join as many of these weekly meditations as you are able to. If you have any trouble registering, please contact Ruth Merle Doyle.

Join these 30 minute weekly guided mindfulness meditation sessions facilitated by Kerry Howell and Ruth Merle-Doyle, Cornell Wellness staff, live through Zoom. Sit with your eyes closed, or gaze lowered, in a comfortable space while you are led through a meditation designed to enhance your mindfulness through focusing on the breath and bringing calmness to the distracted mind. These sessions are perfect for the beginner up to the advanced. There are many facilitators providing guided meditations through Cornell Health's Let's Meditate program. See a full listing of all of these virtual meditations on Cornell Health's Let's Meditate website.  #MentalWellness

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