Multiple Offerings - Pick One Or More That Work For You

  • Mindfulness Meditation - A Workshop offered by Cornell Wellness staff and available to Cornell staff & faculty work groups/departments for free. Mindfulness meditation is a technique to slow the mind, calm the body and enhance brain development. There are numerous benefits with taking time to be mindful; reduces stress, increases productivity and energy, pain management and increased immune function, just to name a few. Learn different styles of mindfulness and how to incorporate them into your life. Contact Keri Johnson, to find out more.
    • Learn the Benefits of Mindfulness
    • How to easily incorporate into your life
    • Experience different forms of mindfulness
    • decide which is the right style for you
  • A Focus On Guided Meditation - Cornell Wellness and Rec Services teamed up with David Gandelman, Founder of, to bring you guided meditations in multiple formats (videos, audios, downloadable App) for the entire Cornell community. With over 10 years of teaching experience, David has cultivated meditations that combine energy awareness, ancient wisdom traditions, and humor, to create a safe and engaging environment for individuals both new to meditation and those wanting to advance their current practice.
  • Weekly Listing of Let's Meditate Guided Meditation Sessions being held on central campus. This meditation series is a collaborative effort shared by Cornell Health and multiple departments and colleges throughout the university.
  • Sleep Meditations - Having trouble drifting off to sleep? Try this 5-minute sleep meditation or this 15-minute sleep meditation both brought to you by Cornell Wellness and start welcoming the Zzzz's.
  • Cornell Dial-A-Meditation - Feeling stressed at work? Take a quick break and call (607) 254-CALM to experience stress relief and relaxation during your day with 1 to 5 meditations recorded by Cornell Wellness staff and David Gandelman
  • For Additional Mental Wellness themed offerings, please visit our Mental Wellness webpage.