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There is one thing that everyone at Cornell has in common - on one level or another, you are all incredible thinkers. Well, there’s actually a second thing most people at Cornell have in common - you have trouble turning down the volume of that thinking when you are ready to take a break. A lack of control over our thought processes coupled with pressure from work or school can easily lead to stress and anxiety, which many of us suffer from everyday. That brings us to the art of meditation.

Cornell Wellness has asked me to share some of my meditation teachings and experience for anyone interested in mitigating this common issue. In fact, I would say that it’s so common we often take the problem for granted. We surrender to the noise in our heads as a fact of life, and we often try to drown it out with more noise, whether from television, excessive social media, overworking, substance abuse, or any other number of distractions.

When we approach turning down the noise in our heads, it isn’t that different from facing and making any meaningful change in our lives. We start at one of the hardest moments of the entire process, which is accepting where we are, and then decide that we are truly ready to transform, heal, grow, and take a step into the potential we know is inside of us.

Our heads are so full of un-needed information, excessive communication, societal programming, banal advice, and perhaps worst of all, other people’s expectations, that we need tools to help us navigate our inner-mental space. Meditation is one of those tools. Countless studies have shown the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of meditation.

I hope through some of my guided meditations you can heal yourself, let go of stress, and experience some of those benefits for yourself.

With Pleasure & Gratitude - David Gandelman, Founder, GroundedMind.com. Read more about David.

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A Special Offer For You

As a token of my appreciation for Cornell Wellness inviting me to teach meditation, I’ve created a special discount code for anyone affiliated with Cornell who would like to enroll in my online course, The Grounded Mind Program. Just go to groundedmind.com, choose either the 3 month or year membership level, and use the code Cornell to receive 20% off your membership.

I’ve also added a video here called The Grounded Mind Program, with some details about the structure and content of the course.

I wish you the best in your meditation practice, growth, and ability to find peace of mind at Cornell and beyond. - David