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Spring 2021 Jump To: Grounding And Centering Care Through Meditation And Gentle Movement; #Fitspo Got You Down?; Seize The Winter - Virtual Commuter Winter Event; Optimizing Your Space For Exercise; Cornell Wellness Partners With the Cornell Hip Hop Collection and DJ ha-MEEN; Valentine's Day Challenge; Guided Progressive Relaxation Session (2nd offering)Guided Progressive Relaxation SessionCommunity Wellness Chat: Staying Active In Colder Weather

Finding Flourish - A Wellness Experience

May is National Physical Activity and Sports Month and National Mental Health Awareness Month. Join a wellness experience to explore how you can begin to flourish this spring. The commitment is simple - take a break, move your body and get outside. We encourage you to do those three things every day in the month of May, even when work and life are nuts! For more information, please contact Ruth.

Come Stroll and Chat with Cornell Wellness: Arts Quad Edition

  • Thursdays, April 7, 14, 21, 28
  • Noon - 12:45pm
  • Register here to participate

Take a moment to take a break from your work space, connect with others and move your body. It will be a beautiful trifecta! While walking in small groups around an embellished Arts Quad loop, you will get a chance to talk and connect through prompted questions. This will be an opportunity to get some fresh air while we take two loops (where each loop is about one mile) and enjoy time in our spring environment. Our pace will be light to moderate and all levels and abilities are welcome. For more information, please contact Ruth.

Stretch It Out: A Wellness Experience to Help With Flexibility and Mobility

  • Monday, January 3 through Friday, January 14, provided virtually as an email based experience
  • Registration is now closed, but you can still participate by contacting Ruth.

Hoping to feel a little more “limber” in the new year? Come along with Cornell Wellness to work on flexibility and mobility. You will get loads of evidence based information, pro tips on how to apply what you are learning to your life and daily emails with videos and movements to try. This wellness experience is a two-week virtual experience where you get to do the work on your own time and in a location that is most comfortable to you.

You can expect an email confirming your registration to participate, daily email communication chock full of resources and individual check in to help with accountability. 

Questions? Reach out to Ruth or Cathryn.

Destined For A Destination

  • Register here
  • Join this Wellness Experience that runs November 15 through December 5

A Wellness Experience to get you moving, get you outdoors, and get you connected with your environment

How this Wellness Experience works:

Register for Destined For A Destination to get motivated to be physically active, and feel connected to others in the Cornell community, as we head from fall into winter. Wellness staff will provide you with two themes for outdoor destinations each Monday, beginning November 15, for 3 consecutive weeks. For example you would receive a message like this, "One of your destinations for this week is an outdoor garden and the other is an outdoor Athletic field". You can pick either themed destination that interests you most, then walk, run, roll or ride (bike) there. Take a picture of yourself and/or your destination and post it to the Cornell Wellness Facebook page or tag us in Instagram. Alternatively, you can email the photo to Kerry at and she will post them for you. Staff, faculty, retirees, students, and their spouses/partners are all welcome to participate in this wellness experience. There is no need to be a Wellness/CFC member to participate or to be on the Cornell Ithaca campus. 

Prenatal Wellness Chat - A Focus On Nutrition And Fitness

  • Wednesday, October 20, 12-1:00pm, delivered through zoom
  • Register here

Join Cornell Wellness staff, Erin Harner, RDN and Ruth Merle-Doyle, fitness professional, for an interactive chat about nourishing nutrition and fitness choices while you are pregnant. Erin and Ruth will hit on important topics such as healthy food choices to support pregnancy, adjusting your movement plan to accommodate your changing body and how to set yourself up for a healthy early parenthood in the postnatal space. If you have special questions you would like addressed, please email Ruth directly at

Grounding And Centering Care Through Meditation And Gentle Movement

  • Register here to receive the Zoom link (you can choose to attend one session or all six)
  • Sessions held on Tuesdays, beginning April 6th at 12pm for a total of 6 weeks. 
  • The type of offering will alternate each week between a 30-minute meditation and a 45-minute gentle body movement class. There will be an additional 15 minutes of optional time to check-in and connect with one another following each session.  

Staff and faculty are invited to register for this self-care, healing and grounding offering. The sessions are designed through an equity and social justice lens, centering the needs of the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community. Open yourself to this consciously inclusive approach to wellness. Join meditation/movement teacher Lissa Edmond as they guide you through 30-minute guided meditation practices and 45-minute gentle mindful movement sessions, with additional time before and after the sessions for checking in and connecting. The gentle movement sessions will integrate practices from qigong, yoga, mindful movement, and breath work. 

Lissa is a somatic integrative psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and meditation and mindful movement teacher. You can learn more about Lissa here. We are excited to be able to bring their talent to the Cornell employee community through a collective effort spearheaded by Cornell WellnessCornell Health, the Department Of Inclusion and Workforce Diversity, and the Office Of Faculty Development And Diversity. Additional support was provided by Cornell Fitness Centers, Cornell's Men Of Color Colleague Network Group and Cornell's Women Of Color Colleague Network Group. Questions? Contact Kerry Howell from Cornell Wellness.

#Fitspo Got you Down? A Lunch & Learn about Fitness Imagery on Social Media  

  • Register here
  • Wednesday March 31, 12:00-12:30, Live through Zoom 

Join Cathryn Lucas, Personal Trainer with Cornell Wellness, to discuss the social media phenomenon known as “fitspiration.” Originally designed to be motivational, fitspiration social media posts often leave people feeling bad about themselves. In this Lunch & Learn workshop, we’ll discuss the history of motivational images and the role social media plays in our lives. Topics will include image composition, the inner working of the fitness industry, and the promotion of impossible body ideals. You'll take away a more critical lens for viewing common marketing strategies & social media images. 

Seize The Winter - Virtual Commuter Winter Event - 1 week long

  • Register here for this event
  • Virtual Commuter Winter Event is March 1- March 5

Let’s seize this time of the year to move more during our day and re-establish boundaries between work-life and life-life. The Virtual Commuter Winter Event will challenge you to carve out time before your workday begins to move your body, perhaps what your active commute to work used to look like. You might choose a short winter walk, Yoga workout or virtual group fitness class through Cornell Wellness or CFC. At the end of your workday your challenge is to do a little more activity, as if you were actively commuting home. Maybe you choose to do some stretching after your last meeting or you take the dog or the kids for a winter stroll to end your workday. Along the way you will be given pro tips to enjoy winter activity both indoors and outdoors. You’ll also get support and resources for making this behavior change via emails on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At the end of the week you will be asked to report in with what you did for activities that bookended your workday and your reflections on how it went. Contact Ruth Merle-Doyle with questions.

Optimizing Your Space For Exercise

  • Wednesday, February 24, 12:00-1:00pm, through Zoom live
  • Register here

Do you live in a small apartment? Are all the rooms in your house accounted for? If you feel like you don’t have room for a dedicated workout area, join Cathryn Lucas, Personal Trainer with Cornell Wellness, to strategize how to create workouts that best utilize the space you have in this live Zoom workshop.

Cornell Wellness Partners With the Cornell Hip Hop Collection and DJ ha-MEEN

Background Information: Established in 2007, the Cornell Hip Hop Collection preserves more than 250,000 items across dozens of archives documenting the origins of Hip Hop culture and its spread around the globe. Ben Ortiz has been the curator of the collection for the last ten years and is also known as DJ ha-MEEN, on the music scene. This spring semester, Cornell Wellness has collaborated with Ben and the Hip Hop Collection, to bring more music and movement into your lives.


Hip Hop & Health

Cornell Wellness interviews Ben Ortiz about where Hip Hop came from, how Hip Hop has affected communities' physical and mental health, and the history of how song lyrics have had an impact on removing the stigma that surrounds health issues especially in Hip Hop communities.

Watch the interview with Ben Ortiz here

This video is also being released along with Black History Month and can be accessed through the page Cornell Wellness Celebrates Black History Month.

​Hip Hop & Historical Roots Listening Party

Join Ben Ortiz, curator from The Cornell Hip Hop Collection and professional DJ, as he spins Hip Hop music and the roots music where it all started from. DJ ha-MEEN will provide historical information and important facts about how these songs and lyrics impacted and expanded Hip Hop culture and community. It's a great way to ease out of your day!


Let the Music Play! DJ ha-MEEN will be playing your favorite tunes from the past to the present, all the feel-good jams you'll want to listen to. Get up and move your body, while getting in those steps. Melt the stress away as you feel the beat. Sidestep while making dinner, dance in the mirror, grab the family, grab the pets, and get down with your bad self. If you're working and in a Zoom meeting, turn off your camera and put yourself on mute, then start grooving!

Mark your calendars: 

  • Friday, March 12, from 6:30pm-8:30pm
  • Friday, April 16, from 6:30pm-8:30pm
  • Register Here for one or both dance parties to receive the zoom links to live music

Valentine's Day Challenge

Show Yourself Some Love Through Movement

  • Runs from February 14-28. Registration will remain open, join in at any time
  • Register here

Looking for some extra motivation to get yourself moving? Join this challenge beginning Valentine’s Day and make a pledge to yourself to walk 1 mile every day through the end of the month. If walking is not your thing, no problem. Be physically active for 20 minutes each day to meet the walked-mile equivalent. By registering for this challenge, and taking the pledge, you’ll receive motivational emails on Mondays that include ideas for both indoor and outdoor activities to keep you going. Plus, you can optionally connect with others through Wellness’ Facebook page by posting photos from your walks or other activities you’re doing throughout the 2 weeks. Questions? Contact Kerry Howell

Guided Progressive Relaxation Session (2nd offering)

  • Thursday, 11-11:30am, March 18, provided live through Zoom
  • Register here

Putting in long hours on your electronic devices? Feel tension leaving your muscles as Kerry Howell, Cornell Wellness staff, guides you through a 30 minute progressive muscle relaxation session live through Zoom. Allow yourself to be led through this relaxation technique that will bring some much needed relief to your overworked muscles from your head down to your toes. 

Guided Progressive Relaxation Session

  • Thursday, 11-11:30am, February 18, provided live through Zoom
  • Register here

Putting in long hours on your electronic devices? Feel tension leaving your muscles as Kerry Howell, Cornell Wellness staff, guides you through a 30 minute progressive muscle relaxation session live through Zoom. Allow yourself to be led through this relaxation technique that will bring some much needed relief to your overworked muscles from your head down to your toes. 

Community Wellness Chat: Staying Active In Colder Weather

A pillar of health is moving our bodies and being physically active. We keep our biometrics (blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar) in check, can manage our weight, lift our mood and much more by being active. But how do we do this when winter has arrived and brought with it colder temperatures, snowy days and what seems like limitations on our activity options? Join Cornell Wellness fitness professionals, Ruth Merle-Doyle and Cathryn Lucas, for an interactive wellness chat regarding strategies to consider, outside and inside activity options to try and pro tips for staying safe and healthy while being active during this winter pandemic. All are welcome to attend, especially those who tend to dislike winter! Contact Ruth at if you'd like more details.

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