Moving While Meeting Workshop

Ideas for moving while you're Zooming

  • Virtual, zoom workshop meetings
  • Workshops build on each other, Mondays and Wednesdays, 9-9:30 am, beginning Sept 21 through Sept 30 (2-week commitment)
  • Register here for this workshop.

During this pandemic, one thing is clear…we sit in front of our computers way too much. Often, finding time to “exercise” seems daunting, so let’s think about this a different way. Let’s try Moving While Meeting. The idea is to find opportunities during our day to move while we are working. Ruth Merle-Doyle from Cornell Wellness will share strength exercises, stretches and pro-tips that you can try while you are tied to your computer. This small group (up to 20 people) will meet every Monday and Wednesday at 9 am for 30 minutes. During each session we will be practicing so be dressed and ready to move. As a participant, you are also invited to meet with Ruth individually to talk through your current situation and find movement strategies that are right for you. Contact Ruth at if you'd like more details. #MoveMore

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