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Spring 2021 Jump To: Cook Along With Me ; Cornell Wellness Celebrates National Nutrition Month

Fall 2020 Jump To: Cook Along With Me; Healthy Eating Videos; Gateway To Gut Health Mini-Course; Community Wellness Chat: Thinking Through Nutrition And Mindfulness In The Winter

Spring Cook Along With Me

In this interactive cooking demo, Erin Harner, Cornell Wellness Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, invites you to cook along with her in your kitchen as she cooks in hers. We’ll make 3 simple recipes together and discuss strategies for bringing the fresh flavors of springtime into your meals. All are welcome. The class will be recorded and sent to registered participants. Contact Erin at with any questions.

Cornell Wellness Celebrates National Nutrition Month

Join Wellness throughout the month of March as we celebrate the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ National Nutrition Month® with you. This year’s theme is “personalize your plate". Throughout the month of March, Wellness will be providing opportunities for you to optimize your health through nutrition by learning how to vary your diet, meal planning and cooking, as well as the importance of speaking with a nutrition professional. We will be offering everything from a live cook-along cooking demo, a community chat, videos, and a whole bunch more for you to learn how you can healthfully personalize your plate. 

Fall Cook Along With Me

  • Provided by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Erin Harner
  • Wednesday October 7, from 12-1:00pm via Zoom Live
  • Watch the recording here

Join Wellness Nutritionist and RDN, Erin Harner for this #HealthyEating cooking class. Erin will be in her kitchen and we invite you to be in yours cooking right along with her. We'll be making three wholesome real food fall recipes during this action-packed one hour class. After registration, we'll send you the ingredients and recipe list in advance so you can be ready to cook! 

If you registered at the last minute and didn't receive the ingredients and recipe list, you can access them here.

Watch These Healthy Eating Videos

Gateway To Gut Health Mini-Course

Wondering how to build resilience for the winter months ahead? The gut is your gateway to health. Did you know that your gut acts like a second brain or that a large part of your immune system lies in the gut? Join Cornell Wellness’ Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Erin Harner and Nutrition & General Health Outreach Educator Jeremy Stewart for this 5 day mini course to improve the health of your gut. You will gain an understanding of what the gut is and how it functions, what to look for to know if your gut is functioning well, as well as what foods are beneficial to gut health and how to incorporate them into your diet. 

Individual Sessions from this Mini-Course were recorded. If you missed the live offering, please check out the recordings below:

Community Wellness Chat: Thinking Through Nutrition And Mindfulness In The Winter

When winter arrives and the temperature changes, we often change our habits, some for the better and possibly some for the worse. During this pandemic winter, there are many strategies to consider when it comes to nutrition, food and mindfulness to help your body and mind be healthy and well. Join Cornell Wellness experts Erin Harner, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and Ruth Merle-Doyle, Fitness Professional, for an interactive and candid chat about strategies to consider and pro tips to keep in mind when it comes to the food we prepare and eat and how we tackle our mental wellness. All are welcome to attend, especially those who tend to dislike winter! Contact Ruth at if you'd like more details. 



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