Informal Exercise Area Additional Steps For Group Fitness Class

Once you have a room approved as an Informal Exercise Area, there are a few additional steps you'll have to go through if you'd like to hold a group fitness class (ex. yoga) in that area.

Here’s a summarized overview of the additional steps:

Step 1: Decide on when you'd like to have an instructor teach (ex. for 8 weeks during Fall semester beginning xxxdate, for a 1 hour class held on xxxdays, from xxx time). Having some flexibility with your dates/days/times may make it easier to find an instructor.

Step 2: Decide on Option 1 or Option 2 below for finding an instructor. Then hire the instructor.

  • Option 1: Connect with the CFC group fitness coordinator (Wellness staff will make the first connection between the two of you). Send her your written description for what dates/days/times instructor is wanted. After she has filled her own instructor needs for the CFC group fitness schedule, she will send out your request to her instructor list to see if there is an instructor who can fill the request. If there is, she will connect the instructor with you. Payment for the instructor ($100 per 1 hour class) will be paid directly to the instructor through CFC payroll. A journal transfer will need to be set up from your department to CFC to reimburse payment. (notes: class registrations/collection of money, if there is any, is done internally by your department. We also recommend that each participant purchase their own equipment if any is needed for the class - this eliminates concerns about things like germs/viruses/bacteria being transmitted through sharing of equipment, what products need to be used for cleaning, allergies to cleaning products, etc.).
  • Option 2: Hire an instructor as an independent contractor. This would be done through your department directly and is separate from CFC/Wellness. (Wellness staff would be happy to give you information on what credentials/certifications are desired for instructors to hold). There are independent contractor forms and liability insurance “hoops” to jump through at the University when going this route. Wellness/CFC do not help with these “hoops”. They are set by the University and department, and information should be available through your HR department on this.

Step 3: Pilot the group fitness class.