Create On-Site Fitness Opportunities

Are staff/faculty in your building wanting to be able to establish an informal exercise area so they can have a space to use dumbbells, exercise bands, follow exercise videos, hold a group fitness class, and more?

Step 1: Read through this document for Guidelines On Establishing An Informal Exercise Area In Your Building. These guidelines were created by Cornell Wellness and the department of Risk Management. There is a section that will need to be filled out by whoever will be the point of contact (POC) for the informal exercise area.

Step 2: Contact Cornell Wellness staff at to let us know that your unit/department is wanting to establish an informal exercise area in your building and what you want it to be used for. Wellness staff will schedule an in-person meeting with you to go through the document, answer any questions you may have, and to do a walk through of the room you'd like to have okay'd as an informal exercise area.

Step 3: If your group is wanting to hold a group fitness class (ex. yoga) in the informal exercise area, please read through these additional steps for holding a group fitness class.