Sleep Challenge

Throughout the Fall semester Wellness staff have provided lots of information on the benefits of good sleep hygiene and the importance of developing a pre-sleep routine. We will now ask you to put information into practice with this challenge. Want to improve your sleep throughout the winter months? This challenge is perfect for you. 

Here’s how to participate: 

On day 1, focus on tracking your sleep using this sleep tracking handout in pdf or docx or try tracking your sleep using a sleep tracking App
On day 2, Wellness staff will send you a list of helpful tips that covers a broad spectrum of Positive Habits To Improve Sleep that you can try. 
On days 2-5, Picking from the list of positive habits try 2 or more new ones over the remaining 4 days of the Challenge that you think will lead to improved sleep for you. Continue to track your sleep and which habits you try each day. You’ll receive a report back survey link to let us know which positive habits you tried and how they went for you. 

The goal of the challenge is that by the end of it you will have discovered a few new positive sleep habits that will work for you and you can begin inserting them into your sleep routine on a regular basis to achieve better sleep on a more regular basis throughout the winter. For more information on how to participate contact Jeremy Stewart. #SleepHygiene

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