Life Coaching Consultation

The life coaching consultation is a perfect choice for you if you would like to talk to Wellness staff about something on your mind, or a change you are wanting to make. If you are looking to have a conversation about health, nutrition, fitness, changing a behavior, or a general topic, this is an opportunity for you. Four of our staff are certified Intrinsic Coaches through Totally Coached. We can help you to clarify your thinking around what's most important to you, which will inform your next steps. Life coaching consultations are available to staff, faculty, retirees, spouses/partners and can take place in-person, by Zoom, or by phone. These consultations generally last 30-60 minutes; they are free and confidential.

To schedule a life coaching consultation email

If your concern is more in-depth, The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) offers free, confidential, professional counseling and consultation services by telephone or in person. More information about FSAP and its services.

Please note: If you are a student please see options available to you on the CFC member education and student wellness sites.