Nutrition Consultation

Cornell Wellness has two Dietitian Nutritionists on staff. Nutrition consultations are available to staff, faculty, retirees, spouses/partners. A nutrition consultation is a one-hour or 1/2 hour sit down meeting with a Dietitian Nutritionist in Helen Newman Hall and can also take place in your office, via ZOOM, Skype, or phone.

  • Are you wanting to lose weight or gain weight?
  • Are you looking to optimize your food choices to help prevent disease or manage a chronic condition?
  • Do you need some guidance with a certain type of eating plan you are following including: gluten-free, meat free, low carbohydrate, or other?

You have two choices with regard to scheduling a nutrition meeting.

  1. If you have specific goals and questions, meetings may be scheduled lasting approximately 1 hour. Prior to your meeting, please fill out this pre-nutrition meeting assessment (this is a fillable PDF. Download it to your preferred device, fill it in, save it, and attach and email it to either Erin Harner or Hannah Feinberg).
  2. If you do not have specific goals or questions, but simply wish to see how you are doing with regard to your food intake, we suggest you first complete and submit a 3-day food record. Once your diet is analyzed, you can meet with a Dietitian Nutritionist to discuss the results at a mutually convenient time for approximately 1/2 hour.

To schedule an appointment, contact Cornell Wellness by email

Please note: If you are a student please see nutrition options available to you on the CFC student wellness site.